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Vilnius Public Transport

Many sights located outside the center. So public transport helps. It is the simplest and cheapest in Europe. I’ll tell you everything you need to know. About the available modes of transport. The ways of buying tickets. And how to plan your route.

Vilnius public transport tickets and pass


Travel in all public transport. Paid with electronic tickets “Vilniečio kortelė”. It is plastic cards with the ability to recharge as needed. Upon entering the transport. The ticket activated and is valid for a certain time – 30 or 60 minutes. You can make any number of transplants. There are some concessions for passengers with cards of a certain time slot. If the bus arrives at the stop late due to traffic jams. And your card has expired. The conductor will not fine you. You cannot pay for the fare for two with one card!

An electronic card costs 1.5 euros (5.18 Lt). And is valid for 4 years from the date of purchase.
Ticket prices without discounts and discounts:

  • 1-for 30 minutes – 0.65 euros,
  • 2-for 60 minutes – 0.90 euros,
  • 3-for a month – 29 euros,
  • 4-monthly pass valid on weekdays – 26 euros (90 Lt)

For comparison. A one-time ticket bought from the driver will cost 1 euro. You can pay in euros and litas. Currencies are converting on the card. All prices for e-tickets are here.

You can buy a card or top up it at the kiosks “Lietuvos spauda”.

You can also use the card as a travel ticket. The main thing is to replenish it.

  • 1-for 24 hours – 5 euros,
  • 2-for 72 hours – 8 euros,
  • 3-for 10 days – 15 euros

Vilnius Pass

For tourists, there is a special card called Vilnius Pass (Vilnius City Card). It allows you not only to use public transport. But also to visit local attractions. Many museums with such a card can visit for free. And you can participate in walking tours of the city.

There are three types of Vilnius Pass :

  • 1-for 24 hours without travel (19.99 euros)
  • 2-for 48 hours without travel (29.99 euros)
  • 3-for 72 hours without travel (35.99)
  • 4-72 hours + public transport (42.99 euros)

Vilnius Buses and  Express Buses

There are three types of buses in Vilnius – regular and high-speed. The regular ones run every day from 5:00 to 00:00 and make frequent stops. They marked from 1 to 116 in the schedule.

Vilnius high-speed buses help save travel time: they only stop at major stops. Some buses adapted for transporting bicycles. Additional payment for transport will not require. These buses marked with numbers from 1 to 6 and the letter G.

There are two types of buses at night. Route N88 (airport- Europe square -airport) starts at 22:30 and ends at 5:25. Routes N101-105 run in Vilnius from 22:30 to 3:30.

Trolleybuses in Vilnius

A total of 185 trolleybuses operate in Vilnius on weekdays. And 106 trolleybuses on weekends. Please note that the bus and trolleybus route numbers may be the same. But they will travel to complete different areas of the city.

In Vilnius, trolleybuses run on the busiest routes. Most of the trolleybuses leave from the Stotis stop. Near the Central Bus Station. And Railway Station. You can view the map of all types of public transport in PDF format below.

vilnius public transport map

Bicycles in Vilnius

Bicycle fans will feel comfortable in Vilnius. The city has many bike paths. Marked with special signs on the asphalt. So nothing will interfere with visiting the capital sights of Vilnius. Many shops and cafes have bike racks. In Vilnius Tourist Information Centers. You can get a free map of the city. And country cycling routes. And you can find out all the addresses of bike rental points.

Funicular in Vilnius

Since 2003, a funicular has been operating in Vilnius. Transporting passengers from the foot to the top of the Gediminas Hill. It covers a distance of 71 meters in 35 seconds. The cabin can accommodate up to 16 people. The fare for the funicular is €1 one way.

Taxi in Vilnius

Well-known taxi services Uber, Bolt and Yandex. Taxi operate in the Lithuanian capital . They can order through the app if you have mobile internet. The level of service in such taxis. As a rule, is higher than in urban ones. Because taxi drivers are fighting for the rating in the system and customers.

The average taxi fare is €0.7 per 1 km journey. On average. A trip around the city will cost you €7-10. Taxis can called by phone or caught on the street. The latter option not recommended as you will overpay.

Rent a car in Vilnius

Car rental in Vilnius represented by both well-known global companies. And small local companies.
When renting a car. You should remember about the road safety rules. And impressive fines for violations:

  • Before renting, it is imperative. To check the condition of the car and the insurance.
  • Seat belts fastened not only in the front but also in the rear seats.
  • While driving, it prohibited to use cell phones without “hands-free”.
  • According to the new rules, the dipped beam must turn on around the clock.
  • Huge fines imposed for speeding. And dangerous driving (exceeding 10 km / h – warning, 10-20 km / h – 12-30 euros. Exceeding 50 km / h and more – 450-550 euros, for dangerous driving – 289 –579 euros).
  • Heavy fines stipulated for drunk driving. (144–868 euros or confiscation of rights for 2–3 years).
  • The speed limit in cities is 60 km / h, outside cities. 90 km / h, on highways – 130 km / h, on the Vilnius-Kaunas highway – 100 km / h.
  • Additional risk factors include road cyclists. Horse-drawn carts in rural areas, large wagons with their taillights off at night. And pedestrians crossing unlit streets.

When renting, we recommend using the renowned Rental cars online service. Through it, you can rent a car both at the Vilnius airport upon arrival. And at the rental office in the city center. The average rental price for a week is from €60 for a small car. To rent a car, an international license. And a credit card is enough.

Vilnius Public Transport
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