Voroshilovskiy Bridge

Locality: Rostov-on-Don

Construction start 1961 / opening date: 1965

Original name: Voroshilovsky bridge

Voroshilovsky bridge connects the two banks of the Don and is not only a continuation of the highway between the cities of Bataysk and Azov, but also one of the landmarks of Rostov. It is also an important transport section, along which you can get to the left bank of the Don, where there are numerous tourist centers, comfortable rest houses, restaurants and bars.


Voroshilovsky Bridge in Rostov-on-Don was built in 1961-1965. Its construction was carried out using advanced technologies. The concrete blocks, each weighing thirty tons, were connected not with rivets and welding, but with glue. Reinforced concrete blocks of a hollow structure were fixed to the U-shaped supports using bustilate glue, and steel cables were pulled through them. It is on them that the whole structure is strung. This was the first experience in the history of the USSR. The length of the structure reaches 450 meters, the height is 35.


In 2007, during a planned inspection of the structure, a crack was found, as a result of which traffic on the Voroshilovsky bridge was closed. A safety support was created, which made it possible to carry out work to eliminate the identified defect. The support weighing 133 tons was manufactured and installed in a short time. Upon completion of the installation, the reverse movement of buses for the transport of passengers was opened. After receiving the steel veins from France in June 2008, renovation work began. The new fittings had several degrees of protection and corrosion resistance.


For the football world championship, which will be held in Rostov in 2018, the reconstruction of the bridge is planned. First, its backup will be built upstream, then the old bridge will be dismantled and new ceilings will be installed on its supports. As a result, it is planned to combine both structures into one bridge. The construction of the first stage has already been completed.

The grand opening of the Voroshilovsky Bridge took place in August 2015 – the first cars passed at noon. Over the next two years, the crossing will provide only the exit from the city. By the fall of 2017, it is planned to open the second stage of the Voroshilovsky bridge, and then a three-lane one.

After that, one of them will provide entry to Rostov, the other – exit, thanks to which this section will be completely free of congestion. From the old bridge, only the foundation will be used, which will be seriously strengthened.

Currently, the operating mode of the Voroshilovsky bridge is established: from 00.00 to 12.00. on the bridge entry is possible, the next twelve hours – exit. The schedule will be valid until the completion of the repair work.

New bridge

The length of the new Voroshilovsky bridge in Rostov bridge after the completion of all work will be 624.2 meters. Underground and overground pedestrian crossings with a noise strip will be built. Also, the project involves the construction of retaining walls and anti-landslide structures, lighting device.

The entire length of the bridge will be equipped with sewage treatment facilities. For ascent to the bridge and descent on both banks, it is planned to install two elevator pavilions, each for two elevators. Externally, the new bridge will be an exact copy of the old one. The reconstruction will cost six billion rubles.

Interesting Facts

  • The bridge is named Voroshilovsky after the avenue, of which it is a continuation.
  • During the repairs under the roadway, large interiors were discovered, which can be accessed through hatches located on the surface of the bridge.
  • The collapse of the Voroshilovsky bridge is colorfully described in the famous novel Antikiller-3. Interrogation with passion ”D. Koretsky.