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Vysotsky Skyscraper

In November 2011, a 54-storey building made of glass and concrete opened in Yekaterinburg – the Vysotsky business center. The modern business complex included in the Guinness Book of Records in the nomination “The highest multifunctional business center in the Ural-Siberian region.” Vysotsky the first skyscraper built in the city of Yekaterinburg, in the Urals and the territory of Russia, the tallest building east of Moscow.

“Vysotsky” – the work of the Ural craftsmen

Yekaterinburg entrepreneur Andrei Gavrilovsky, having received a plot for the construction of a store in the city center, decided to use it effectively and began to erect such a high-rise building as the law on urban planning allows.

Features of the project

The skyscraper project, developed by Andrey Molokov and Vladimir Grachov, caused skepticism among many, but the creator of Vysotsky believes that the level of high-rise construction is the main indicator of the greatness of the city. The construction, which began in 2006, has undergone many difficulties. A super-tall building is more difficult to construct than a mid-rise building. The technologies for laying the foundation for a skyscraper similar to those that laid for power plants.

The building stands on a slab 2.2 meters high, into which 3.6 thousand cubic meters of concrete poured. The project implemented without the participation of foreign firms, only Yekaterinburg specialists worked, although all high-rise buildings previously designed by foreigners.

For the stability of the building, two floors – 1st and 37th – made with an atrium. With the help of the load beams located on these floors, the load transferred from the center of the building to the edges. The stability of the building increased with the help of formed triangles. There are no load-bearing walls in the building. From the inside, the room bounded by external walls and columns: along the perimeter of the building there 24 columns with a thickness of 1.2 meters. Impact-resistant double-glazed windows – with tempered glass inside.

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According to the results of the competition in August 2010, the skyscraper named Vysotsky. On November 25, 2011, a business center opened in the presence of Nikita Vysotsky, the poet’s son. The Vysotsky family officially allowed the skyscraper to bear their name.

Fire safety

When creating the skyscraper, special attention paid to fire safety. The building has an addressable fire alarm , 6 thousand smoke extractors and 2 security zones, where neither smoke nor fire can penetrate. One area is on the technical floor. Any skyscraper structure can withstand 240 minutes exposure to direct fire. The fire situation monitored by 6,700 sensors. A water fire extinguishing system established here:

  • Sprinkler system.
  • Fire hydrants.
  • Facade irrigation system.
  • Tanks with a water supply of 1200 cubic meters.

Security systems monitored from the control room. In total, the building has 10 fire compartments and 2 fire extinguishing circuits on each floor.

Vysotsky in numbers

  1. Height – 188.3 m.
  2. Number of floors – 54.
  3. The height of the first floor is 10.8 m.
  4. The height of the remaining floors is 3.6 m.
  5. The skyscraper has 24 elevators worth 6.5 million euros. Elevators move at a speed of 5ms. The elevator rises to the observation deck on the 52nd floor in 46 seconds.
  6. The skyscraper’s electrical cable costs $ 1 million.
  7. The skyscraper will withstand an earthquake up to 7 points.
  8. The area inside the building is 119 thousand square meters.

Business center infrastructure

  • Underground parking – 627 spaces.
  • Ground parking – 200 spaces.
  • A helipad at the top of a skyscraper at an altitude of 188.3 meters for evacuating people in emergencies and for ordinary transportation.
  • An observation deck at an altitude of 186 meters with an area of ​​651 square meters, on which stationary binoculars installed to view the city. Tourists taken to the site by a special elevator. From here, views of Yekaterinburg open within a radius of 25 km, satellite cities and the middle part of the Ural Mountains are visible.
  • Sauna on birch wood on the 54th floor with a steam room and dining area, massage, relaxation room, billiards and karaoke.
  • Office premises with a convenient layout and modern design occupy 85,000 square meters. The minimum area of ​​office space is 30, the maximum is 1200 sq. m. Offices rented by organizations, consulates general of Western countries and commercial firms.
  • Conference rooms. On the 8th floor of the business center there are 4 conference rooms with a capacity of 60 to 150 people and a meeting room for 8-10 people.
  • The banquet hall on the 37th floor is a premium class hall for holding gala dinners, receptions, presentations from 30 to 100 people, organizing buffets for 250 people.
  • The Vysotsky Hotel the highest hotel in Europe with an area of ​​3500 square meters with 27 spacious soundproofed rooms, decorated in a refined classic style. The hotel has 46 apartments with a built-in kitchen, on the 51st floor there is a restaurant “Vertical”.
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For fans of the work of Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky, the Vysotsky Museum located on the 1st floor, in which the whole life of the bard marked by milestones.

The poet came to Yekaterinburg 2 times – a hotel room restored in the museum where Vysotsky stayed (the hotel opposite the skyscraper!) And a wax figure created by sculptor Alexander Silnitsky installed at the request of the museum.

The exposition is based on personal belongings bought from the widow Marina Vlady. Not far from the glass giant there is a monument to Vysotsky and Marina Vladi. Vysotsky is a symbol of the city both for local residents and Russia and abroad.

Vysotsky Skyscraper
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