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Wafi Mall

As soon as you pass through the Oud Metha area, you bound to be struck by the huge Sphinx that part of the architectural design of the Wafi building.

Acquaintance with this center should begin with its spectacular facade, made in the form of a glass Egyptian pyramid. In the mall, Egyptian and Turkish architectural styles were embodied. But the main dominant feature of this shopping center the modern interpretation of the palaces of the pharaohs, the magnificence of which conveyed with the help of exquisite stained-glass windows, complex mosaics, exquisite carvings and numerous sculptures.

Wafi Mall Dubai Working Hours

Saturday – Wednesday: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Thursday – Friday: 10:00 am – 12:00 am

Wafi Mall Location

Wafi Mall located in the um Hurair area of Dubai. On Oud Metha Street in the United Arab Emirates and can reach through the metro. The nearest metro station to it is: Dubai Healthcare City on the Green Line

How to get there

The way from the Dubai airport by car will take you about ten minutes. The fastest route runs along the highway “E11”. First, follow the D89, then take the D70 exit towards Al Garhoud, at the fork in the road, keep to the right and take the E11. Keep in mind, this road may include toll sections. When you see exit “56B”, turn towards Al Ain Road, continue on until the sign to Oud Metha Road appears. At the service of motorists in the shopping center there is a parking lot, designed for 2 thousand 500 cars.

A bus number 32C will take you to the shopping center. The bus stop is located near the first terminal of the airport. You will need to get off at the next stop of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. This route is not entirely convenient, as you will have to go more than go. Then you need to overcome a distance of 1.3 km. This can be on foot or by taxi, for example, order an Uber.

Wafi Mall Nearest Metro

A faster option is the metro. The entrance to the metro is located near the first terminal of the airport. Your station is Dubai Healthcare City (green line). From it to the “Wafi City Mall” is a five-minute walk.

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Wafi Mall Activities

Mini Golf Lounge at Wafi Centre Dubai Tee & Putt

Golf lovers You invited to visit the Mini Golf Wafi Mall Tee & Putt one of the covered halls with 18 holes equipped with the latest lighting systems and designed in a sophisticated manner. Birthday parties can also hold in the Mini Golf Lounge and enjoy the privileged place and high-end service.

Working hours at Mini Golf Lounge

  • Every day from ten in the morning until ten in the evening.
  • On Thursdays and Fridays the work lasts until midnight.

Mini Golf Wafi Mall Ticket Prices

  • The price of an adult ticket AED 50.
  • The price of a children’s ticket AED 40.

Swimming pool and man-made river at the Pharaohs Club

Nature and outdoor lovers can relax on the pools and enjoy the surrounding environment of sun rays and palm trees, by sitting on the swimming pool and the man-made river at the Pharaohs Club in Wafi Center. The pool characterized by being gradient and suitable for adults and children and its temperature controlled. A membership can also issue in the Pharaohs Club to practice swimming or take its lessons in the pool at any time.

Working hours of the Pharaohs Club swimming pool

  • Every day from six and a half in the morning, until nine in the evening.
  • Friday from nine in the morning to nine in the evening.

Prices for access to the swimming pool of the Pharaohs Club

  • Adults AED 160.
  • Children AED 80.


The children’s play area in Wafi Mall is one of the most loved places for children, and this is because of the presence of interactive motor games, such as:

  • Trampoline.
  • Swings and slides.
  • Horse riding.
  • Climbing tower.
  • Baseball court.

You can also hold birthday parties for your children in the designated area of the Kids Club and enjoy the nature and beautiful atmosphere to hold the most beautiful birthday party. You can also take advantage of the location of the Children’s Club in Wafi Mall Dubai to establish a summer camp for children and do not forget the fun and fun that added to the child with the presence of the outlet selling sweets and ice cream, we find the Baskin Robbins branch located inside the children’s play park.

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Working hours in the children’s play area

  • Every day from ten in the morning until ten in the evening.
  • Thursday and Friday from ten in the morning until midnight.

Prices for access to the children’s play area

  • Prices start from AED 30 per child.

Pharaohs Wafi Mall Club

You can practice your sports exercises for various sports at the Pharaohs Club, which is located in close proximity to Wafi Mall, you can practice tennis on the open courts, football and swimming in the artificial lake and many of your favorite activities.And do not forget about the gym equipped at the highest level to complement your fitness, with special lounges for women.

Gym opening hours

  • Saturday to Wednesday from six in the morning to eleven in the evening.
  • Thursday and Friday from nine in the morning to nine in the evening.

Cleopatra Spa

You can relax and enjoy your best time at Cleopatra Spa in Wafi Centre Dubai, where massages, body and facial treatments in the milk baths, and don’t miss the diamond therapy experience, really worth a try, as there are separate halls for women.

Opening hours at Cleopatra Spa

Working daily from nine in the morning to nine in the evening

Wafi Mall Dubai Stores Guide

The most luxurious brands in every field you will find a branch in Wafi Mall Dubai stores, which characterized by the luxury of exhibits and their sophistication and include Wafi Mall Dubai stores:

  • Marks & Spencer
  • barbaric
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Rolex
  • Pierre Cardian
  • Shopper
  • Mont Blanc
  • B&C Collection

Wafi Mall Dubai Perfume Shops

You will find the most famous shops selling Arab and foreign perfumes in the perfume shops in Wafi Mall, including:

  • Abdul Samad Al-Qurashi on the ground floor.
  • The most beautiful on the ground floor.
  • Areej Oud.

Wafi Mall Jewellery Shops Dubai

Jewelry and gold jewelry is the destination of most women in shopping, we promise you Madam, that there is the finest jewelry in one of the jewelry shops in Wafi Mall, including:

  • Jewelry Ahmed my friend and sons.
  • Daytime jewelry.

Banks & Exchange Shops Wafi Mall Dubai

Banking and banking transactions one of the most important works done by the individual, and the need to withdraw money to complete the shopping journey is normal for this there are many banks and exchange shops in Wafi Dubai
complex, including:

  • Al-Ansari Exchange.
  • Crescent Bank.
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.
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Fashion & Accessories Stores Wafi Mall Dubai

Elegance, whether for men or women, will not be complete except with accessories that increase the beauty of the look, especially if it is one of the most famous fashion and accessories stores in Wafi Dubai Complex, including:

  • Al-Jaber Optics on the first floor.
  • Veiled on the first floor.
  • Ayam Zaman for women’s fashion.

Khan Murjan Wafi Mall Market

Khan Murjan Souk characterized by its Arabic character The designs of Khan Murjan Wafi Mall will take you to the Middle Ages, as the decorations of the place mimic the ancient Arabian markets, and the market offers a variety of options of handmade products, including:

  • apparel
  • Handmade carpets
  • Tables
  • Porcelain
  • Furniture

The market also includes Khan Murjan Wafi Mall, which has an Arab character in all respects, where the staff wears a special fourteenth-century Arab costume, and the menu is full of delicious Arabic cuisine, making it one of the most famous restaurants of Wafi Mall Dubai.

Wafi Mall Dubai Restaurants

Enjoy dining inside one of the Wafi Mall restaurants such as:

  • Bosporos Restaurant
  • Ashaz Al , Hindi
  • British Carter
  • Seville Spanish
  • Thai Chi Tai
  • Wafi Gourmet Wafi Mall Restaurant
  • Noodle Factory
  • Papa Jones Pizza
  • Rose Cafe
  • Fleifors

In addition to other options of fast food restaurants in the restaurant area of Wafi.

Wafi Mall Cinema

Wafi Mall has a cinema located near Grand Hyatt Hotel, and Wafi Mall Dubai Focus Cinemas offers 16 showrooms equipped with the latest facilities.

T&B Mini Golf

The centre attracts golf lovers, with a small golf hall that is on the Wafi Mall list. Consisting of 18 holes, the facilities of the place are very luxurious, and the lounge offers a service for birthday parties.

T&P Mini Golf Timings

  • Saturday – Wednesday: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Thursday & Friday: 10:00 am – 12:00 midnight

Number T & Bot Mini Golf

You can contact them through the following number : 04 357 3290

Wafi Mall
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