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Water Parks in Riyadh

The city of Riyadh is considered one of the most important cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because it contains a large number of tourist areas. So, it gained great demand, in addition to Water Parks in Riyadh.

Yamama Lake Resort

The best water park in Riyadh, which is a group of high-end chalets, which include various water games, children’s play cars, waterfalls, rivers, and cliffs.

It is the ideal place for a family gathering to enjoy the true beauty of nature, as it provides fun and entertainment for the whole family while maintaining complete privacy.

There are also entertainment shops suitable for all ages, old and young, and it has the largest swimming pools for artificial waves and an artificial river that provides fun and hiking boats for vacationers.

Sports fields, entertaining family sessions, a modern amusement park, and also the largest water slide in Riyadh with a height of four floors for adults and water slides of multiple heights for children.

In addition to the best water games for children in Riyadh, they are different such as tubes and circular and twisted slides that are enough to draw happiness on your children’s faces.

In addition to a private swimming pool, Crazy Water pool, and a distinctive zoo, it is the most beautiful water games chalets in Riyadh, and it also has a resort and chalets for Lake Al Yamamah.

Al Yamamah Lake Resort is located in Riyadh 14561 _ Al-Kharj Road _ FX3P+W28.

Working hours: Open all days of the week from 4 pm to 2 am.

Contact Number: +966555474130

Watersplash Water splash1

The Water Splash Water Park is one of the best tourist places in the city of Riyadh with a distinctive recreational character, as it is the only park filled with a large group of water games for children to preserve and secure them from any risks and large artificial lakes, and it also includes many swimming pools for adults, children and women, in addition to many artificial waterfalls, and public parks with large green spaces.

Working hours of water splash Riyadh

Daily 12:00 am – 12:00 pm

Saturday & Friday 2:00 PM – 02:00 AM

Water Splash Prices Riyadh

35 SAR for children

20 SAR for adults

Address: Eastern Ring Branch Road, Al Hamra, Riyadh 13216 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966112785050

Smokey Water Games

Smokey Water Chalet The best chalets in Riyadh Water games, where it creates an atmosphere of fun and fun, and the best water games in Riyadh are available, fun and entertaining while maintaining water cleaning and sterilization constantly.

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The place also includes wonderful and spacious indoor and outdoor seating near the pool, and the floors are decorated with picturesque artificial planting squares, in addition to a special place for children’s games.

Where you find the largest number of water games, and Smokey Water Chalets are characterized by the presence of the largest water channel in Riyadh, so it is really the best water games in Riyadh.

The resort is located north of Riyadh city 13342.

Working hours: Daily and 24 hours.

For reservations and inquiries: +966 55 401 2244

Al Ammariah Hills Resort in Riyadh

Al Ammariyah the most famous water game in Riyadh and it is one of the most important resorts in Riyadh that many love because it offers air-conditioned hotel rooms and suites decorated with high-end decorations, modern and comfortable furniture and furnishings that help calm and recreation.

Ammariyah Aqua Park Resort also includes a dedicated family with dedicated units that provide them with the comprehensive privacy they are looking for, represented in children’s rooms and a safe children’s play area.

The most important services provided by Ammariyah Aqua Park

  • The venue offers express check-in upon arrival and departure.

*The hotel has express cleaning services in the form of daily housekeeping.

*Offers opportunities to enjoy swimming in the outdoor pool surrounded by chairs with exciting and entertaining water sports facilities.

  • Private gardens for barbecues.

It offers free private parking garage and disabled parking. *

Examples of rooms in the hotel

Golden Suite consisting of a bedroom with a double bed and 4 sofa spaces of 400 square metres, accommodating two people.

2 bedroom villa with 2 single beds, a double bed and 2 sofas, with an area of ​​700 square meters, and can accommodate 2 people.

Deluxe VIP Villa consists of 3 bedrooms with 6 single beds and a large double bed and 12 sofas, with an area of ​​2000 square meters, and can accommodate ten people.

Address: Al Ammariyah 13726, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966535965000

Al Khaimah Theme Park

Al Khaimah Recreational Park is considered the best water games Riyadh for women, especially to spend the most beautiful times with the family, as only women are allowed to enter this wonderful park.

A woman with her family can live an experience of enthusiasm and excitement inside the water games, and she can also enjoy a lot of water games, and spend the most enjoyable times with friends between the water slides in the tent amusement park in Riyadh.

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In Al Khaimah Theme Park in Riyadh, there is an area dedicated to children under ten years old to spend an ideal and entertaining time with their mother and enjoy water games without fearing for them.

Recreational activities in the park do not stop at playing on the water slides, but you can also enjoy skiing, cycling, shopping and getting the best souvenirs from the shops scattered in this beautiful and wonderful park.

The park also has fine dining restaurants to enjoy delicious dishes and cuisine after entertaining game tours and favorite drinks.

Al-Khaima Park is located in Riyadh 11564 _ Al-Ward District.

Working hours: Every day for women and children only from 4:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

Durrat Al Sahel Theme Park

Durrat Al Sahel Recreational Park in Riyadh is considered the best place for families to spend quality time with the family and a beautiful break.

As well as enjoying the distinctive swimming pools and boating, as well as the water park is filled with many games and recreational activities.

Durrat Al Sahel Recreational Park is also characterized by Riyadh water games, cleanliness and arrangement, and has changing rooms, prayer halls for women and men, and places for children’s games.

The family can also enjoy the most delicious food and the best food from its fine dining restaurants, and you will not forget to enjoy the beauty of the water park after sunset.

These features make this water park the most beautiful place to visit in Riyadh, as well as many recreational activities and exciting sports that you can enjoy such as motorcycling.

It is located in Riyadh 13256 _ Al-Rimal _ Al-Thumama Road.

Opening hours: Operating 24 hours a day.

Aventura Water Park

It is also the best water park Riyadh, it has a variety of fun water games for adults and children, but no

There are green spaces in it.

Aventura Water Games is located in Riyadh 13755 _ Unnamed Road.

Contact number: +966 55 445 3072.

Working hours: Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from 2 am to 3 pm and the rest of the week from 2 am to 3 pm

Naya Resort

The best water games centers Riyadh, and one of the most beautiful recreational resorts for children and adults has two swimming pools, one for children and the second for adults.

In addition to a variety of fun water games, they change the water permanently and this makes it cleaner, and there is a special place suitable for family meetings.

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Naya Resort is located in Riyadh _ Kitbi Street _ Al ride.

Contact number: +966 55 000 2219.

Waterhouse Games

It is the best water park in Riyadh, as it is a wonderful and fun place and includes a group of the most beautiful and best water games in Riyadh, such as slides and bouncing.

The water is always clean and there is a swimming pool for adults and a place to relax and make a jacuzzi, and it has wonderful green areas that invite psychological comfort and get rid of stress, in addition to the best water games Riyadh.

Waterhouse games are located in Riyadh _ Kairouan _ Unnamed Road.

Contact number: +966 50 725 9999.

Lapis Lazuli Villa

One of the most famous chalets and the oldest water games is Riyadh, and restrooms and picturesque green spaces that refresh the soul and delight the eye, and there are wonderful and comfortable sessions and spacious rooms with elegant and elegant furniture, attractive colors and dim lights that bring comfort to the soul and relaxation.

The place is also elegant and beautiful to help you forget the pressures of work and the burdens of life, as you find a private swimming pool for guests and a fun water games area for children.

Lapis Lazuli Villa Games is located in Riyadh 13431 _ Al-Rimal _ Al-Thumama Road _ VRF6 + X4M.

Contact number: +966 50 010 6286.

Watercolor fun games

One of the excellent places that include a water park in Riyadh, and it has the most beautiful water games in Riyadh and a spray consisting of 4 sections, as well as containing outdoor seating that is familiar and tidy and its prices are reasonable and reasonable.

Water fun games are located in Riyadh 11663 _ King Fahd Road _ Kairouan.

Working hours: All days of the week from 2 am to 2 pm

Contact Number: +966 54 200 3009

Water Island Park

It is the best chalet in Riyadh water games, it includes a distinctive and diverse group of water games for children and adults, and the place is wonderful and clean, and deserves to live an experience of happiness and fun and also its prices are acceptable.

Water Island Games is located in Riyadh 14911 _ Milk Drain _ JHCH+3J5.

Contact number: +966 59 445 8940.

Water Parks in Riyadh
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