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Wedding Gown Shops in Riyadh

Wonderful dresses store in Riyadh

  • It is one of the most famous shops selling dresses in Sports City, so if you are looking for dress stores that provide and implement the latest and most wonderful models on fashion, the evening dress store provides its customers with the ability to choose the shape of a specific model and manufacture it custom, using the finest types of fabrics.
  • Located in a gorgeous dress shop on Abu Bakr Al Siddique Street, Riyadh 12464, it is open daily from 4 pm to 10 pm, calling +966540320991.

Rosa Clara Store

One of the finest stores that offer wedding dresses of various types and sizes. By the international Spanish designer Rosa Clara, who offers all her experience in designing wedding dresses. With her distinctive accessories that suit all tastes. Prices start from 2500 riyals up to 10 thousand riyals. Which prices suitable for all classes, its address is Riyadh, Olaya Street, opposite the real estate center.

Boutique Ganj

  • The Ganj Boutique Shop is one of the most important and famous high-end stores in Riyadh, which has everything that any woman is looking for from wonderful evening and wedding dresses of many and varied shapes and models, the latest fashion, and the most beautiful colors and designs, and the Ganj Boutique Shop provides all sizes, even large sizes.
  • The ganj boutique shop is located on Olaya Street, off Al-Wurud Street, Riyadh.
  • The store is open on Saturday from 1 pm to 2 am, Sunday and Monday from 4 pm to 12 am, and the rest of the week is morning from 12 am to 1 pm and evening from 4 pm to 12 am, and you can contact +966114992022.

Basma Al Jazairi Wedding Dresses

Basma Al Jazaery Wedding Dresses is a sophisticated and luxurious store. Offers chic and the latest designs of wedding dresses and happy occasions. They have employees who are respectful and gentle in dealing with customers

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Address Basma Al Jazairi Wedding Dresses: Mobily Buildings, Engineer Musaed Al-Anqari, Sulaymaniyah, Riyadh

Basma Algerian Number Wedding Dresses: +966538549181


One of the most important evening and wedding dresses stores in Riyadh. Experience reaches 50 years of excellence and success. Offers a group of the most important and sweetest wedding dresses that distinguish every bride. Understands the bride’s personality and provides her with all possible tips to be a radiant bride. Also provides tips for makeup and hair to complete her elegance. Saving the trouble of searching for a wedding dress and its accessories, its address is Olaya Street. Shop Nº344, Riyadh, phone number 0114163410

Baco Design

It a distinctive brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it established in 1980. Offers a luxurious collection of wedding and evening dresses. Offers different types of suits for men and children’s fashion, and women’s fashion. Characterized by being handmade, and you can get the sweetest designs for Haros dresses and accessories to complete their look. Its address is Olaya Street in Riyadh, phone number 2935633

Ada Fashion Boutique

This shop offers the latest ready-made evening and wedding dresses by the largest designers from India and Pakistan. The shop has a meticulously designed and high-quality collection of dresses with very high accuracy and suit the diverse taste. Especially since these designs follow the Asian fashion lines. Its address is Abdul Aziz bin Turki bin Faisal Street, Al Murabba, Riyadh

Giovanni and Tirani

Giovanni & Tirani has a variety of models of wedding and evening dresses for all occasions. All colors and models offered with designs from American designers. Prices range from 4 thousand riyals to 20 thousand. Its address is Riyadh on Olaya Street with Tahlia and phone number 014612079

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Marina Mall Evening Dresses

  • Malls in Riyadh are characterized by the fact that they include many shops and brands in one building, so you do not need to search in many places in order to rent an evening dress on the latest fashion and it is considered among the most famous shops for evening dresses inside Marina Mall in Riyadh, and Marina Mall is located on Olaya Street, from King Fahd Street, Riyadh 12273.
  • The mall is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 11:45 pm, and on Friday from 1 to 11:45 pm, and the mall can be contacted via +966114192219.

Raheed Fashion House

  • It is one of the most important and famous evening dress stores, and the house provides a large and wide variety of the best and latest designs and models that suit all occasions and evenings, where any woman will find it, no matter what she is looking for, as it contains many distinctive and beautiful designs.
  • Raheed Fashion House is open daily from Saturday to Thursday from 10am to 11pm, except Friday from 4pm to 10pm, and can be contacted +966112160667.

Makkah Markets King Fahd Road

Makkah Markets, King Fahd Road, is one of the largest and most luxurious places. Offer a variety of wedding and evening dresses, as well as all international designs and models. With the most beautiful and best materials and details that suit all tastes

Address of Mecca Markets, King Fahd Road: Thuraya, Shumaisi, Riyadh

Makkah markets number King Fahd Road: +966550700633

Femi 9

  • It is considered one of the most famous and beautiful shops for dresses, bags, shoes and wonderful accessories that appeal to all tastes, everything a woman is looking for you will find in the Femi store, as it contains a large and unique variety of designs of evening dresses, wonderful long dresses and short ones, and a wide variety of shirts and evening skirts with high-end tastes, and you can contact the store via the number +966138094926
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Bridal Fashion

Wedding fashion is an integrated and comprehensive store. The best and most beautiful forms of wedding dresses in their different forms and various models. Receive the admiration of many people. In addition to the presence of a labor of well-mannered employees who have experience and efficiency in dealing with customers

Wedding Fashion: Olaya Street, Olaya, Riydah

Bridal Fashion Number: +966504308630

Afrah Almotanabi Fashion

Afrah Almotanabi Fashion has a variety of dresses and happy occasions in the most beautiful shapes and designs. In addition to that it uses the most luxurious materials of fabrics. They have workers in the place characterized by ethics and respect in dealing with customers also their prices considered reasonable

Address of Afrah Almotanabi Fashion: Al Mutanabbi, Al Malaz, Riyadh

Timings: 4:00–11:00pm

Lee Chateau

One of the most important and finest shops selling evening and wedding dresses for each bride. Le Chateau offers a very high-end collection of the most famous international designers. All the dresses in this shop are very wonderful dresses and admired by brides. Its address, King Abdul Aziz Road Hayat Mall in Riyadh

Wedding Gown Shops in Riyadh
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