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Weed Shops in Rome

Erba Di Roma

Many herbal and weed products owe their therapeutic effect to the mixture of herbs, which act in a complementary way, with the advantage of not irritating the body, but must be administered by experts who have a deep knowledge of their properties and interactions and are able to select the appropriate treatment based on specific symptoms. In the herbal shop Erba Di Roma, in Rome.

Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 169, Piazza Dell Orologio, 15, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Phone: +39 06 6476 1126

ER CANAPARO – Hemp shop and Distributor H24

There are all kinds of medicinal herbs and weed products related to treatment! So are T-shirts, bags, T-shirts, pasta, supplements, and perfumes. It’s really nice.

Address: Via Fonte Buono, 85, 00142 Roma RM, Italy

Phone: +39 06 9356 3815

The Sweed Brothers Centocelle

Medicinal Herb and weed Stores in Rome, Italy

This store stocks organic and biodegradable soaps in bulk to reduce plastic consumption and dishwasher detergents to shampoos and conditioners. Other than medicinal herbs. A wide range of mainly natural and environmentally friendly products.

Address: Via degli Aceri, 75/d, 00172 Roma RM, Italy

Phone: +39 06 8923 7411

Canapando Pigneto

Canapando Pigneto – Cannabis Light a Roma – Consegna a domicilio – Distributore H24

Shop stocked with high Quilty weed. Super affordable prices and impeccable staff always very helpful and kind.

Address: Via l’Aquila, 48, 00176 Roma RM, Italy

Phone: +39 328 743 0507

L’Oracolo di Bob Cannabis

L’Oracolo di Bob is a small and legal weed shop in Rome. It has a self-service machine 24/7. Online shopping service and home delivery service available.

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Address: Via Carlo Grabau, 12, 00195 Roma RM, Italy

Phone: +39 320 682 9974

Weed Shops in Rome
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