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What is the religion of the Hilton family?

The Hilton family, renowned for their immense wealth and influence in the hospitality industry, has long been a subject of public interest. With their lineage tracing back to Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels, this prestigious family has left an indelible mark on business, society, and even popular culture. As with any prominent family, questions about their beliefs and faith often arise. In this comprehensive article, we aim to explore the religious inclinations of the Hilton family, shedding light on their spiritual practices and the significance of religion in their lives.

A Glimpse Into the Hilton Family Tree

Before delving into the specific religious affiliations of individual members of the Hilton family, it is essential to familiarize ourselves with their roots. Conrad Hilton, born in 1887, was an avid philanthropist and devoted Catholic; his spiritual values continue to shape the family’s ethos to this day. Conrad’s sons, William Barron Hilton and Eric Michael Hilton, also followed their father’s Catholic faith. Today, the Hilton family represents interconnected branches within a religiously diverse tree.

Catholicism: The Common Thread

Catholicism has played a significant role in the Hilton family’s religious landscape. From Conrad Hilton’s devout practice to subsequent generations’ adherence, Catholicism has maintained a strong presence in the family’s collective journey. Religion, and specifically Catholicism, has often been a source of guidance, inspiration, and comfort for many Hilton family members throughout their lives.

Conrad Hilton: A Pillar of Faith

Conrad Hilton was a devout Catholic who believed in the power of philanthropy as an expression of his religious values. Throughout his life, he generously donated to Catholic charities, hospitals, and educational institutions. Hilton’s commitment to his faith prompted him to establish the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, a philanthropic organization that continues to make a difference in multiple areas, including education, health care, and homelessness.

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The Foundations of Faith: William Barron Hilton and Eric Michael Hilton

William Barron Hilton, son of Conrad Hilton, served as the president and CEO of the Hilton Hotels Corporation. Besides his impressive business career, Barron Hilton also remained deeply devoted to his Catholic faith. He frequently expressed his belief in the importance of religious values and their integration into different aspects of life, including his leadership role within the Hilton empire.

Eric Michael Hilton, Conrad Hilton’s other son, also demonstrated a commitment to his Catholic upbringing. While Eric remained less visible in the public eye compared to his brother, his faith was an integral part of his personal and familial life.

The Heiresses and Catholicism

As we explore the next generation of the Hilton family, we find that Catholicism remains an influential force in certain branches. Paris Hilton, the famous American socialite and great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, was raised in the Catholic faith. She has spoken about the positive role her religious upbringing played in her life, noting that her understanding of Catholicism has helped her find peace and stability in challenging times. On holidays and special occasions, Paris often attends mass and embraces the traditions she learned as a child.

Similarly, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Paris Hilton’s younger sister, has remained connected to her Catholic roots. After marrying into the prominent Rothschild family, her faith seamlessly blended with the Jewish traditions of her husband’s heritage. This interfaith dynamic further highlights the complexities within the Hilton family’s religious landscape.

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Expanding Horizons: Catholicism and Beyond

While Catholicism has a significant presence within the Hilton family, there are members who have explored other religious or spiritual paths. For instance, Conrad Hilton’s great-grandson, Barron Hilton Reinhart, converted to Buddhism in his early adulthood. Drawing inspiration from his travels, Barron embraced the teachings and philosophies of Buddhism, which emphasize mindfulness, compassion, and personal transformation.

Embracing Spiritual Plurality

In addition to established religions, some members of the Hilton family have chosen to adopt a more spiritual outlook, focusing on personal growth, mindfulness, and interconnectedness. This approach allows them to explore different belief systems, borrow from various traditions, and create their own unique spiritual journeys.

The Intersection of Faith and Philanthropy

Religion and philanthropy have long been intertwined in the Hilton family. Conrad Hilton’s devout Catholicism fueled his passion for giving, leading him to establish the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and make substantial donations to Catholic causes. This tradition of combining faith with philanthropy has persisted through subsequent generations, with family members actively engaging in charitable work and supporting various religious organizations.

Honoring Religious Traditions

While the Hilton family boasts a diverse range of religious beliefs and spiritual practices, they remain committed to honoring and respecting the traditions and values associated with their respective faiths. Whether it is attending mass, observing religious holidays, or participating in religious rituals, the Hilton family members strive to connect with their beliefs and pass on these traditions to future generations.


The religious beliefs of the Hilton family are diverse and ever-evolving, showcasing the individual choices and journeys of each member. While Catholicism remains an influential force, some family members have embraced other religious or spiritual paths, including Buddhism and personalized perspectives. The intersection of faith and philanthropy remains a core value for the Hilton family, as their religious beliefs continue to shape their charitable endeavors. As they continue to leave their mark on the world, the Hilton family’s religious affiliations remind us of the significance of faith, spirituality, and philanthropy in shaping lives, values, and legacies.

What is the religion of the Hilton family?
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