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What language do Turks speak

What language do Turks speak? Turkey is a state that has a rich culture and vibrant traditions, which are undoubtedly enjoyed by tourists from all over the world. Everyone who enters Turkish soil wants to get acquainted with the culture, history and traditions of this state. By the way, the Turkish language is gaining more and more popularity every year, so it is studied everywhere.

It should be understood that Turkey is a country of contrasts. Here you will meet residents on every corner who speak different dialects. Therefore, it is quite difficult to understand what language the Turks speak. So, in Turkey there are a large number of dialects and adverbs used by local residents and tourists.

Dialects in language

At the same time, Turkish is considered to be the official language of Turkey. That is why the Turkish language is fixed at the legislative level. True, in Turkey for the Turks this language is a very young language.

The fact is that it was formed only at the end of the nineteenth century. At the same time, the origins of the development of the Turkish language date back to the history of ancient Asia.

In addition, writing on the territory of the Turkish region appeared quite early. Under the influence of the constant migration of peoples, the Turks began to speak and use Persian as well as Arabic in their daily lives.

After the emergence of the Ottoman Empire, Slavic roots began to predominate in the Turkish language.

In addition, the Turkish language has a large number of phrases that are borrowed from Greek, Italian. That is why the Turks act as a multicultural and linguistic country.

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Turks in life use many dialects. That is why communication between them is always fraught with problems. It all depends on the region where the Turk lives. Therefore, Turkish dialects differ greatly in terms of grammatical forms, as well as in pronunciation.

It is important to understand that due to the influence of Western culture, English has become actively used in Turkey. It began to be taught in schools, and also actively used during business negotiations at the international level.

Due to the fact that a large number of foreigners live in Turkey, here you can find the prevalence of the English language, Romanian and Hungarian languages.

What language do Turks speak
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