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Where is The Grand Canyon

Where is The Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is located in the northern part of Arizona. The American state bordered to the southeast with Mexico, to the southwest with Baja California to the north with Utah to the east with New Mexico and northwest with Nevada.

The park extends for over 4,927 sq km, is 446 km long. 1,857 meters deep and with a width ranging from 500 m to 29 km and according to geologists. There are layers of soil belonging to the Proterozoic and Paleozoic periods.

How to Get There

  • Nearest Airports: Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (200km from West Rim / Grand Canyon Skywalk, 452km from South Rim); Phoenix Airport (375km from South Rim / Grand Canyon Visitor Center); Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (156km from South Rim / Grand Canyon Visitor Center); Grand Canyon National Park Airport (30km from South Rim / Grand Canyon Visitor Center).
  • How to get there from Las Vegas. By plane from Boulder City airport to Grand Canyon National Park airport in 1 hour with. ” Grand Canyon Airlines ” (prices from $ 180.00 / € 163.00).
    Alternatively, the ” Bundu Bus ” buses connect Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon South in 6 hours. (from $ 95.00 / € 85.00), while for the West Rim entrance it takes about 2 hours with organized buses.
    Finally, by car it takes about 4 hours for the South entrance and 2 hours for the West entrance; the cost of a rental is approximately $ 50.00 per day (€ 45.00).
  • How to get there from Phoenix.” Groome ” buses from the airport connect Phoenix to the South entrance in approximately 6 hours. With a change in Flagstaff (approximately € 60.00). By car it takes about 4 hours. And the cost of the daily rental is about $ 50.00 / € 45.00; alternatively organized day tours.
  • How to get there from Flagstaff. By car from the airport it takes approximately 1 hour. And 40 minutes to get to the South entrance of the Grand Canyon. Alternatively the Groome bus takes 2.5 hours from Flagstaff Amtrak to the South entrance (approximately $ 45.00 / € 40.00). Or with organized excursions.
  • How to get there from Williams. Train from Williams Depot at 9:30 am and arrive at Grand Canyon Depot station at 11:45 am. The train departs the Grand Canyon at 3:30 PM and arrives in Williams at 5:45 PM. A second departure can be offered in the peak of the season, visit the official website . Prices around $ 77.00 / € 69.00. By car it takes 1 hour and 10 minutes.
Where is The Grand Canyon
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