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Where is Yellowstone National Park

Where is Yellowstone National Park?

One of the first things one wonders is where the world-famous  Yellowstone National Park is located. The park is located, for the most part, in the state of  Wyoming. And borders in small part in the states of Montana and Idaho. And its name derives from the Yellowstone River, the largest river that flows through the park.

Yellowstone National Park has the unique title of being the first protected area in the world ; it was in fact 1872 when the United States Congress declared this area a National Park. A little more than a century after its birth, its surface, of almost 9000 square kilometers. It declared  a World Heritage Site  by UNESCO, precisely in 1978. The reasons behind this recognition are to be found in the abundance of phenomena of volcanic origin. Such as geysers, hot springs and mud volcanoes, very numerous within the Park.

What to see in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park offers visitors plenty to see. Obviously, discovering all that the Park has to offer in a single day is definitely impossible. Given the vastness of the area. So if you’re wondering what to absolutely see on your visit to Yellowstone. Here are the top things not to miss.

Geysers and hot springs

Yellowstone Park is the place with the greatest concentration of volcanic phenomena in the world. In fact, there are hundreds of geysers and numerous thermal springs such as the enormous  Grand Prismatic Hot Spring. The third largest in the world and the Old Faithful geyser , the “old faithful”. The most famous of the Park which tirelessly throws a column of water up to 50 meters high.

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The Old Faithful and its massive eruptions are a must for visitors to the Park; they occur every 60/110 minutes and generally last from 2 to 4 minutes. During which it is possible to admire up to 30,000 liters of water projected. Into the area at a surprising power.

Another place that definitely deserves a visit are the  Mammoth Hot Spring. With its numerous “limestone terraces”. Formed by the limestone deposited by the waters of the springs and the  Mooring Glory Pool. A hot spring with vivid and spectacular colors.

Waterfalls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

In your must-see list, don’t forget the Canyon, over 30 kilometers long and between 800 and 1200 meters deep. Which is home to three majestic waterfalls. The Upper Falls, the  Lower Falls  and the  Crystal Falls , located in the middle of the previous ones.

Admiring them along the Grand Canyon from the numerous viewpoints. And in particular at the foot of them is an unrepeatable experience that deserves to be lived.

A particularly valuable point to admire the valley. The glorious Upper Falls is certainly the Artist Point , always very popular with tourists.

To get the most out of hiking in the park, read our guide to the best travel backpacks.

Animals in their own natural environment

Visiting Yellowstone Park offers the chance to admire nearly 70 different species of mammals and hundreds of birds in complete freedom.

In addition to the famous  grizzly bears , symbol of the park, it is possible to meet  foxes, deer, lynxes, American bison, coyotes  and many other animals that will keep visitors in suspense.

Being in complete freedom, these animals are free to move anywhere and finding them all is certainly rather complicated; however, a good starting point is the  Hayden Valley , north of Yellowstone Lake.

When to go to Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is  open all year round. Offers something special to see at any time. To visit the Park in complete calm without incurring long queues at the entrances. The  spring  (April / May) or  autumn period is recommended (September October). Summer is the hottest time, with temperatures around 25 degrees. But it is also the busiest with hordes of visitors from all over the United States and beyond. The only real advantage for those who want to visit the Park in this period is the guarantee of finding all the open structures and all the practicable activities. In other months, we recommend that you check the Yellowstone National Park calendar and the official notices published by the US National Park Service. Finally, for those who choose winter it is useful to remember that the visit to the Park could suffer some limitations. From November to March some restrictions on usable routes come into force and therefore some areas may be inaccessible.

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Entrance ticket price

The cost of the ticket to enter the park varies according to the way in which you will make the visit, and starts from 20 dollars for the individual visit.

The ticket is valid for one week, during which you can enter as many times as you want.

The ticket does not include admission to Grand Teton National Park , which has special fares and tickets.

As indicated on the official website of the US National Park Service, the reference website for purchasing admission tickets is the government website

As with other parks in the United States, some days with free admission are also available, which can be consulted in the Free Entrance Days section of the US NPS


  • INDIVIDUAL : 20 USD. This entry is also valid for cyclists, skiers, etc.
  • AUTO: 35 USD.

The entrance to dogs  is not forbidden but it is carefully regulated. Along paths, walkways and thermal areas it is not allowed the presence of animals unrelated to those of the Park.

Yellowstone Tour

As can be deduced from the tickets available, there are many ways to visit the Park. It is obviously possible to organize the visit completely independently, but if you want to do things right, there are some particularly popular tours that pass between the most interesting places and viewpoints of the park.

How to get to Yellowstone

To get to Yellowstone Park there are several options to choose from.

Of course, you may already be in the middle of a US road tour , and so just add a few hours of driving to your trip.

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If you want to get to Yellowstone by plane (or rather, as close as possible), the most convenient international airport is Salt Lake City (Utah) , which is about 5 hours drive from the Park.

Where is Yellowstone National Park
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