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Where to go from Amsterdam for 1 day

Far from Amsterdam , another Holland opens up without crowds with cameras, but with sincerity, order and real life. Where to go for a day from the party capital to gain new emotions and be filled with impressions, we tell in this article.

Pacification of the elements

Zandvoort aan Zee

First of all, go to the ends of the world. To the city of Zandvoort ( Zaandvoort aan Zee ). On the one hand – the shore of the North Sea gray and bleached hills dunes – on the other. The last episode of the film “Knocking on Heaven” was filmed here.

Some people go to Zandvoord because there are unusual establishments here. Beachclub 5 with an open fire right in the middle of the cafe, Hippie Fish with grilled fish and a playlist that hits the heart, Ubuntu Strandbar with a swing on the coast and with such an interior that you want to stay here.

But we advise you to take tea in a thermos, a sandwich and do wandelen , that is, a lot of walking in nature. This is the favorite pastime of the Dutch. About 1,500 deer live on the territory of the Kennemerduinen an der Nordsee reserve , hares and birds graze next to them. The thorny grass clings to the boots, the face is weathered … but the peace of mind like in Zandvoort is not found in the whole country.

How to get from Amsterdam: from the central station, take the train from the first platform to Zandvoort aan Zee .
How long to go one way: 30 minutes.
How much is one-way fare: 5.80 €.

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Take the second floor on the train, so you can enjoy the beauty of the national park on the way to the city. And when you come to the coast, do not forget to eat a sandwich with herring , onions and lightly salted cucumber ( broodje met haaring ) in the orange Fish And More booth . Sandwich price € 2.50.

Not only tulips


If you want blooming fields , but arrived out of season, don’t worry, something is always blooming in Holland . Onthis special mapmarked what
flowers bloom when and where. The earlier spring comes , the more likely you are to see many colorful carpets of crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, tulips , roses, peonies, wisterias. They are pleasing to the eye until the winter rains come.

For more information, take a guide to the Keukenhof. And you will find tickets to the kingdom of tulips here.For thrill-seekers and beauty lovers, there is even the opportunity to fly over the flower fields by helicopter .

If you want some emotion – rent a bike in Haarlem with Rent a Bike Haarlem and drive towards Lisse . You will have to scroll 50 kilometers, but definitely without crowds of tourists. And so you don’t get lost, use the map with bike paths along the fields.

Of N . Bed and . It is better to hit the road closer to sunset, when the bulk of the buses with tourists leave .

You cannot enter the fields, but after driving fifteen minutes from Keukenhof, with the permission of the owners. You can make an excellent shot.

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Directions from Amsterdam: at the central train station. To take the train from the first or second platform to Haarlem ( Haarlem ). Then change to bus station №50 and go to Lisse ( Lisse ).
How long to go one way: 75 minutes.
How much does it cost one way: 4.50 € from Amsterdam to Haarlem , and 3.56 € from Haarlem to Lisse.

Futurism and classic Holland


Have you ever seen apartment buildings that are upside down? Did you take a water taxi? Did you have lunch on the TV tower? Not? Then you are definitely in Rotterdam – a city unlike anything in Holland. Completely destroyed by mistake during the Second World War, today it surprises with the incompatibility of architecture, freedom and space.

There is a saying: they earn money in Rotterdam , divide it up in The Hague , and spend it in Amsterdam . And not in vain, they built such a thing that even tourists far from architecture walk. Wondering at the limitlessness of human imagination. Take the famous yellow Cube House Cube house near the two-story glass market Market Hall then . Where else in the world do they live in houses. Three sides of which face the earth, and three – to the sky? Or office buildings in an aquarium-transparent building right above the central market square? Another Erasmus Bridge ( Erasmusbrug), which is thrown over the Meuse River. A water taxi runs between the shores for € 4.50 per person. Only the trip needs to be booked in advance . With this money, you can’t even travel by tram from one end of the city to the other in Amsterdam.

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If you want a Dutch curiosity – go to the Euromast to be amazed from. The observation deck how in 80 years a city with history has grown from complete ruins. Entrance to the site for an adult 10.25 €. Here you can have a snack or rent a hotel room .

An interesting offer for those who have already felt a desire to see this city in full – organized excursions. With an audio guide Hop on Hop off Bus. You will drive through Rotterdam , creating your own route. Making stops and continuing your journey in a mode convenient for you. See this link for details .

How to get to Euromast from Amsterdam: from the central station, take the train to Rotterdam.
Time to go one way: 72 minutes.
Cost Of a one-way trip: € 16.10.

If you plan to visit more than one place outside of Amsterdam. We recommend renting a car , more often it is cheaper than public transport.

Where to go from Amsterdam for 1 day
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