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Which country is Persian spoken?

In which country is Persian spoken? The Persian language acts as the ten most ancient languages, which also includes Tamil, Lithuanian, Icelandic and some others. These languages ​​are still used in some countries, and somewhere they are official and state languages.

The language that modern man calls the Persian language is just the germ of a language that belongs to the group of Indo-European languages. As a result, the Persian language has many points of contact with the Indian languages, since it belongs to the same group of the Indo-Iranian language family with them.

If we turn to the history of the formation of the Persian language, then scientists distinguish three of its key periods: the first period. It is also called ancient.

It begins with the emergence of the first sign of the Iranian languages. This period of time lasted until the end of the reign of the Achaemenid dynasty. The two languages ​​in which literature has been published are the Old Persian language, as well as the language of the Avesta.

The second period of development, the middle one, ended before the beginning of the Islamic period. At this time, the existing languages ​​are divided into Western and Eastern groups.

In particular, the eastern group began to include Scythian, Bactrian and other languages, and the western group (Middle Persian and other languages).

After the entry into force of the Iranian period, the formation of the modern Persian language began.

This language is actively used in the formation of poetic works, as well as literary legends.

It also has the name Farsi and is also one of the most widely spoken languages ​​that are part of the Indo-Iranian language group.

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This language is in demand and is official in Iran (former Persia), and the inhabitants of Afghanistan, Tajikistan (the old form of the Persian language spread here), as well as in the Pamirs, speak it perfectly.

Currently, the language is mainly popular in Iran and Afghanistan, although it was previously widely used from the Middle East to India.

Numerous Persian-speaking communities are concentrated in the Persian Gulf countries (Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, UAE).

Around the world, Farsi is spoken by about 44,000,000 people, and the dialect of Persian, Dari, is spoken by about 6,000,000 people.

Farsi uses the Persian-Arabic script, and most of the words and phrases were borrowed from Arabic.

Which country is Persian spoken?
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