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Why is Porter Airlines So Cheap

Porter Airlines, a popular Canadian carrier, is known for offering affordable fares to various destinations. Many travelers often wonder why Porter Airlines stands out as one of the budget-friendly options in the aviation industry. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Porter Airlines’ affordability, examining various factors that contribute to their cost-effective pricing strategy. By understanding these elements, passengers can make informed decisions while planning their travels with Porter Airlines.

Efficient Airport Operations

One of the key reasons why Porter Airlines offers competitive fares is its efficient airport operations. Unlike larger airlines that operate from major international airports, Porter Airlines primarily operates from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, which is conveniently located in downtown Toronto. This small airport enables Porter Airlines to streamline operations, minimizing ground handling costs and turnaround times.

Regional Focus

Porter Airlines has a clever business strategy that focuses on regional destinations. By concentrating on flights within Eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, Porter Airlines can operate on shorter routes, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and lower operational costs. Furthermore, flying to regional airports often entails lower landing fees compared to major international airports, keeping operational expenses in check.

Fleet Optimization

Porter Airlines has strategically chosen its aircraft fleet to optimize efficiency and keep costs down. The airline primarily operates a fleet of Bombardier Q400 turboprop planes, which are known for their superior fuel efficiency and ability to operate from shorter runways. The Q400’s operating costs are generally lower than those of larger jet aircraft, allowing Porter Airlines to offer more cost-effective fares to its passengers.

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Ancillary Revenue Generation

To supplement its revenue and maintain competitive fares, Porter Airlines utilizes various ancillary revenue strategies. These include offering optional add-ons such as baggage allowances, seat selection, and in-flight services. Passengers have the flexibility to choose the level of service they desire, allowing Porter Airlines to tailor their fares accordingly. By garnering revenue from ancillary services, the airline can offset operational costs, resulting in lower base fares.

Partnership with Air Canada

Porter Airlines has a strategic partnership with Air Canada, which provides additional cost advantages. Through this partnership, Porter Airlines can leverage the resources and infrastructure of a larger airline. This collaboration enables Porter Airlines to share certain operational expenses, such as maintenance facilities and ground services, reducing their overall operational costs and allowing them to offer more competitive fares to passengers.

Operational Efficiency and Cost-conscious Culture

Porter Airlines maintains a strong focus on operational efficiency and cost-consciousness. The airline strives to continuously improve its processes, optimize fuel consumption, and minimize other operational expenses. This dedication to efficiency helps Porter Airlines keep their costs low, enabling them to pass on the savings to travelers in the form of affordable fares.


The affordability of Porter Airlines can be attributed to various factors that work in harmony to create a cost-effective pricing strategy. The airline’s regional focus, efficient airport operations, optimized fleet choice, ancillary revenue generation, partnership with Air Canada, and the commitment to operational efficiency and cost-consciousness all contribute to their ability to offer competitive fares. By understanding these underlying factors, passengers can confidently choose Porter Airlines for their travel needs, enjoying quality service at affordable prices.

Why is Porter Airlines So Cheap
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