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Why is Spirit Airlines So Cheap

Spirit Airlines an American ultra-low-cost carrier that known for its cheap airfares. The airline has gained a reputation for offering some of the lowest fares in the industry, but many people wonder why Spirit Airlines is so cheap. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Spirit Airlines’ low fares and what you can expect when flying with them.

Lower Operating Costs

One of the main reasons why Spirit Airlines is able to offer such low fares is because of their lower operating costs. The airline operates a simplified fleet of aircraft, primarily consisting of Airbus A320s and A321s, which allows them to streamline their maintenance and crew training processes. They also have a low-cost business model, which means that they cut costs wherever possible, such as charging for carry-on baggage and other optional services.

Furthermore, Spirit Airlines has a high-density seating configuration on their planes, which means that they can fit more seats on a plane than other airlines. This allows them to spread their operating costs over more passengers, which helps to keep fares low. Additionally, the airline has a young fleet of aircraft, which are more fuel-efficient and require less maintenance than older planes.

No Frills Service

Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier, which means that they offer no-frills service. This means that they do not offer amenities such as in-flight meals, drinks, or entertainment. Passengers required to pay for any extras they may need, such as food, beverages, and Wi-Fi. This allows the airline to keep their fares low while still offering basic transportation.

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However, passengers should aware that Spirit Airlines charges for many other services that typically included in the cost of airfare on other airlines. These services include seat selection, checked and carry-on baggage, and printing boarding passes at the airport. In addition, the airline offers a Big Front Seat, which is a larger, more comfortable seat that passengers can purchase for an additional fee.

Unbundled Fares

Another way that Spirit Airlines keeps their fares low is by offering unbundled fares. This means that they break down the cost of airfare into individual components, such as the base fare, taxes, and fees, and then charge separately for any additional services that a passenger may need. This allows customers to only pay for the services they need and avoid paying for extras that they may not want or use.

However, passengers should be aware that the cost of these additional services can quickly add up, and they may end up paying more than they would on other airlines that include these services in the cost of airfare. In addition, the airline charges for many things that other airlines do not, such as printing boarding passes at the airport and using the overhead bin for carry-on baggage.

High Load Factors

Spirit Airlines also maintains high load factors on their flights, which means that they try to fill as many seats as possible on each flight. This allows them to spread their operating costs across more passengers, which helps keep their fares low. The airline also flies to popular leisure destinations, such as Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America, which helps attract more passengers.

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Additionally, Spirit Airlines has a frequent flyer program called the Free Spirit program, which allows passengers to earn points for flights and other activities. However, the program has criticized for its limited rewards and high redemption rates.


Spirit Airlines is able to offer some of the lowest fares in the industry due to a combination of factors, including their lower operating costs, no-frills service, unbundled fares, and high load factors. While the airline may not offer the same amenities and services as other carriers, they do provide basic transportation at a great value.

However, passengers should be aware of the airline’s policies and fees, such as baggage fees and seat selection fees, and factor those into the cost of their travel when comparing fares. Additionally, while the Free Spirit program can be a way to earn rewards, passengers should be aware of its limitations and high redemption rates.

Overall, Spirit Airlines can be a good option for budget-conscious travelers who are willing to forgo certain amenities and services in exchange for low fares. However, passengers should prepared to pay for any extras they may need and be aware of the airline’s policies and fees. By understanding how Spirit Airlines operates and what to expect when flying with them, passengers can make an informed decision about whether the airline is the right choice for their travel needs.

Why is Spirit Airlines So Cheap
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