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Why Ryanair is So Cheap

Ryanair is one of the world’s largest low-cost airlines, known for its cheap ticket prices and no-frills approach. While other airlines charge significantly higher prices, Ryanair’s fares can sometimes be as low as a few dollars. However, what is the reason behind Ryanair’s low prices? In this article, we will explore in-depth the reasons why Ryanair is so cheap.

No Frills Approach

Ryanair’s no-frills approach is the primary reason behind the airline’s low prices. Ryanair focuses solely on providing the essentials of air travel, without any additional frills or luxuries. This means that passengers pay only for the flight itself, and any additional services, such as baggage allowance or in-flight meals, come at an extra cost.

By providing only the essential services, Ryanair can keep its operating costs low and pass the savings on to its passengers. This strategy has allowed Ryanair to become one of the largest low-cost airlines in the world, with a significant market share in Europe.

Efficiency and Cost Cutting

Ryanair is known for its efficiency and cost-cutting measures, which allow it to keep its ticket prices low. The airline operates a point-to-point network, which means that it flies passengers directly from one destination to another, without any connecting flights. This allows Ryanair to minimize its costs and reduce turnaround times, which in turn allows the airline to operate more flights and generate more revenue.

In addition, Ryanair operates a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, which is one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the world. The airline also streamlines its operations by using a single aircraft type, which reduces maintenance costs and allows for efficient training of pilots and crew members.

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Ryanair also focuses on reducing costs in other areas, such as marketing and advertising. The airline relies on word-of-mouth promotion and online marketing, which are significantly cheaper than traditional advertising methods.

Ancillary Revenue

Ryanair generates a significant portion of its revenue from ancillary services, such as baggage fees, priority boarding, and in-flight meals. While these services come at an extra cost, they allow Ryanair to keep its ticket prices low.

The airline also generates revenue by selling advertising space on its aircraft and offering car rental and accommodation services to its passengers. These additional revenue streams allow Ryanair to keep its ticket prices low while still making a profit.

Non-Unionized Staff

Ryanair is known for its non-unionized staff, which allows the airline to keep its labor costs low. The airline does not recognize any trade unions, and it negotiates directly with its employees on matters such as wages and working conditions.

While this approach has been criticized by some, Ryanair argues that it allows the airline to keep its ticket prices low while providing its employees with competitive salaries and benefits.

Airport Selection

Ryanair is known for operating flights to secondary airports, which are often located outside of major cities. These airports are often less expensive to operate from, which allows Ryanair to keep its operating costs low.

While some passengers may find these airports less convenient, Ryanair often provides low-cost transportation options to city centers, which can help offset the inconvenience.


In conclusion, Ryanair is able to keep its ticket prices low due to its no-frills approach, efficiency and cost-cutting measures, ancillary revenue streams, non-unionized staff, and airport selection. While some of these measures have been criticized, they have allowed Ryanair to become one of the largest low-cost airlines in the world, with a significant market share in Europe.

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Ryanair’s low prices have made air travel accessible to millions of people who may not have been able to afford it otherwise. While the airline’s no-frills approach may not be for everyone, it has certainly revolutionized the airline industry and made air travel more affordable for the masses.

Why Ryanair is So Cheap
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