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Winter Wonderland

The theme park Winter Wonderland is one of the most prominent and important events revealed by the General Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These amusement parks enjoy the best international games and many special offers. The Winter Wonderland Riyadh theme park covers an area of 200,000 square meters. Includes many entertaining games for children and adults.

Winter Wonderland Riyadh has many factors that make it the best in the world. It is a mobile amusement park and considered a great edifice for family gatherings and friends. It also has a wide range of entertaining means and games to suit all ages. And it also has a skating hall that has become famous for being the largest lounge in the Middle East. Not only that. There are also places for inter-game breaks where you can eat and drink in a range of restaurants. And the famous cafes where the most famous dishes and juices are available after a long day of play.

Winter Wonderland Tickets

The price of One-day ticket reservation to Winter Wonderland theme park ticket on all days of the week. Except Thursday and Friday is 50 Saudi riyals.
Price of a Winter Wonderland theme park ticket on Friday and Thursday is 100 Saudi riyals.
The price of a ticket to enter the Real Madrid exhibition in Winter Wonderland is 180 Saudi riyals.

The amusement park management, and the supervisors of the Riyadh Season 2023 administration. Also clarified about all prices related to Winter Wonderland tickets, and it scheduled to participate in the Riyadh season, and the prices as follows:
The price for booking a 5-day entry ticket: 200 Saudi riyals.
Price for booking a 5-day entry ticket (fast track): 400 Saudi riyals.
The price for booking a one-day ticket (fast track): 100 Saudi riyals.

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The entrance ticket to the Winter Wonderland Riyadh theme park. Includes only entry to either use the games through other tickets sold through the same venue.
Children under the age of five allowed to enter free of charge without paying a ticket fee.

The amusement park is located in Riyadh on King Fahd Road.
Amusement Park includes many wonderful theatrical performances.
The amusement park opens on Sunday from four in the afternoon until twelve midnight on all days of the week and on Thursday until two in the morning.
It includes many horror games and a gallery of Real Madrid figures.

How to Book Winter Wonderland Ticket

Citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can book Winter Wonderland Riyadh tickets. And participate in the Riyadh season, as part of the events participating in the season, through the electronic reservation portal for the amusement parks. And pay the ticket fees, by following the following steps:
Direct entry through the portal for the Riyadh season “from here”.
Go to the list of events for the Riyadh season.
Click on the “Winter Wonderland Riyadh” event icon.
You will go to the reservation page and display all the ticket details.
Click on the “Book Now” icon.
Log in by entering your email and password in the field designated for that.
In the event that there no previous personal account, a new account must create.
Fill in the required data in the fields designated for that.
Pay the ticket fee by the available methods for payment.
A message will send stating that the booking process successful

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Top Things to Do in Winter Wonderland Riyadh 

The skating

Rink the largest in terms of space in the Middle East and equipped with full equipment and capabilities with safety measures and provides professional instructors.

– The Wonders of the World exhibition includes large and giant models of the
most famous world tourism attractions from Lego pieces. You can also contribute to building your own models.

– A shelf

arena on the battlefield NAFF will allow you to carry out a real military war by maneuvering and aiming. Enjoy with a lot of thrill and adventure, and the profit in this adventure depends on how well you are proficient in strategic plans and military tactics.

– Snow Garden Snow

Garden is a city full of streets and buildings made of snow sculptures carved by the most famous and largest sculpture artists in the world. Also, in the snow park in Winter Wonderland Riyadh amusement park there is a café of snow where you can take a break and eat some of the refreshments and ice cream

– Escape Hotel Escape

Hotel There hone your skill in solving puzzles, deciphering codes and symbols, collecting and arranging information so you can get out of the maze before you fall into captivity.

– Carnival Horror
Carnival equipped with seven exciting horror thriller games, as well as a horror circus full of tombs and monsters.

– Foot Park If you are a football lover, there is Foot Park
where you can test your abilities and professional skills in playing football. It is located near the Real Madrid Gallery, a virtual stadium identical to the Real Madrid Club Canal. In addition to live displays of the awards and history of the club’s champions, you can also buy a club T-shirt with the name of your favorite player.

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– Dynamo Square has dedicated Dynamo
Square to the performances of the most famous players of sleight of hand and many international acrobatic performances.

Wonderland Riyadh Working Hours

As for the opening hours of Wonderland Riyadh throughout the season, they are daily from 4 pm to 12 midnight, and on Thursdays, Winter Wonderland amusement park will remain operational until 2 am.

Location of Wonderland Riyadh

After we learned about the prices of Winter Wonderland Riyadh tickets, as well as the opening and opening times and all the other details about Wonderland Riyadh activities, here is the address of the amusement park, where the address of Winter Wonderland Riyadh is located on King Fahd Road in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Winter Wonderland
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