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Women clothing stores in Riyadh

One of the things that women in Riyadh care about the most is the abaya, so they are keen to deal with shops that design the Arabic abaya with the finest types of fabric in addition to the beautiful decorations that distinguish it so that the abaya finally appears beautifully.

The city of Riyadh is the official capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and includes a large number of markets and malls that display women’s clothing, so based on the desire of many, we have prepared a list of the best 9 women’s clothing stores in Riyadh in terms of price and clothing materials that they offer.

Hodge Women’s Market in Riyadh

  • Hodge Market is the first women’s market in sports and also in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this market has been established for 30 years, and it has many shops that contain everything that women need at the cheapest prices.
  • Address of Hodge Market in Riyadh: Al-Rabwah neighborhood in the capital, Riyadh.
  • Hodge Market Phone Number: +49117151966.

Glory Markets

Al-Majd markets are one of the most famous markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and these markets are located in the city of Riyadh, especially Al-Rabwah neighborhood, and these markets are known to the citizens of Saudi Arabia, and these markets are a large commercial center on a large floor area, and it consists of two floors and this center contains more than three hundred shops that offer all products, and supplies, including women’s fashion, and the commercial brands you will find in these markets at very cheap prices, you can Madam to be in full Style you by shopping in these markets that are open from seven in the morning to twelve at midnight.

Bab Rizq Jameel Markets

  • This market is dedicated to women only and even its employees are women only and contains clothing stores, accessories, women’s beauty salons, shoe stores, and there is a place for children that contains games and there are restaurants and cafes.
  • Address of Bab Rizq Jameel Markets in Riyadh: Al-Badi’ah District – Madinah Road – near City Max.
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Othaim Mall

Othaim Mall has a large number of branches at the level of Saudi cities, and in the city of Riyadh there are two branches of Othaim Mall, the first branch is located in Khurais Road and the other branch is in Al-Rabwah neighborhood, but we are likely for you to cooperate with the branch that is located in Al-Rabwah neighborhood because it is the best for tourists and citizens, and the introduction of Othaim Mall in the list of the best 9 women’s clothing stores in Riyadh is not out of thin air, this mall contains a large number of shops, and this store offers women’s clothing, accessories and bags And makeup tools of all international brands.

According to the study we conducted, this mall includes more than 279 stores, prices range from cheap to medium to high, and what distinguishes this mall is the availability of the entertainment aspect, as there are a large number of cafes and restaurants that serve delicious food and drinks in addition to children’s amusement parks, so this place combines the marketing and entertainment aspect at the same time.

Yara Women’s Mall

  • This mall prevents the entry of men, as it is intended for women only and its employees are women only, and it has all the needs of women and children’s supplies.
  • Address of Yara Women’s Mall in Riyadh: Hafsa Bint Omar – Al-Rawdah – Riyadh City.

Rozana Women’s Mall

  • A market dedicated to women only does not allow men to enter and prevents the entry of phones and cameras, Rozana Mall contains a lot of shops and international brands and has everything women need and all home supplies.
  • Rozana Women’s Mall working hours: from four in the afternoon until eleven at night.
  • Address of Rozana Women’s Mall: Southern Ring Road – Namar – Riyadh.
  • Rozana Mall Phone Number: 053009003.
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Hijab market in Riyadh

  • It is one of the markets dedicated to women only and includes many shops that include women’s products such as clothes, accessories, gold and makeup tools.
  • Hijab Market working hours in Riyadh: from eight in the morning until 12 midnight.
  • Hijab Market Address in Riyadh: Shams Al-Din Al-Salhi – Riyadh City.

Riyadh Mall

This mall is one of the most famous malls in Riyadh, and this mall is located in the east of Riyadh in the Riyadh district on Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Street, and this mall is one of the cheapest malls in the Kingdom, and all the products in this mall are suitable for all budgets, and this is what makes it an ideal choice for many.

Therefore, if you are looking for a valuable gift for your wife or family, you can go to this mall, as there are more than 400 diverse stores, starting from selling fabrics to selling ready-made clothes, gold and jewelry shops, and for the entertainment side, there are children’s play halls in addition to restaurants to have a delicious and delicious meal.

Women’s Kingdom Mall in Riyadh

  • A mall dedicated to women only that prevents the entry of men, it includes a large number of shops such as clothing stores, shoes, accessories and all women’s needs, Makkah Mall has many international brands, and the mall also includes a bank and also includes a prayer room, women’s beauty salons, and a group of cafes.
  • Address of Makkah Mall in Riyadh: Olaya Street – Riyadh City – Kingdom Tower.
  • Makkah Mall Phone Number: 211222211966.
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Bushra Mall in Riyadh

  • It is a mall for women’s supplies such as clothing stores, shoe stores, perfume shops, gift shops, watch shops of all brands and other women’s supplies.
  • Address of Bushra Mall in Riyadh: Al-Rabwah – Eastern Ring Road – Al-Rabwah – Riyadh City.
  • Bushra Women’s Mall working hours in Riyadh: from eight in the morning until 12 midnight.
  • Bushra Women’s Mall phone number in Riyadh: 4450000

Khurais Mall

Khurais Mall is one of the famous malls in the sale of women’s clothing, so it joined the list of the best 9 women’s clothing stores in Riyadh, and what distinguishes this mall is its presence in the heart of the residential area of eastern Riyadh, and this area is characterized by high population density, so Khurais Mall you find at all times crowded due to its great popularity in eastern Riyadh.

This mall is characterized by its high-end designs and distinctive decorations that you love to look at, and some may think that the prices of this mall are high, but this is not true because its prices suit the middle category and this reflects its great popularity in the city of Riyadh.

Spectra of the bride markets in Riyadh

  • From the markets for women only, it also offers great discounts on products, and there are ready-made wedding dresses and also detail, and dresses can be rented.
  • Working hours of Atyaf Al-Arous markets in Riyadh: from 8 am to eleven pm.
  • Address of Spectra Markets in Riyadh: Makkah Markets – King Fahd Road – Riyadh City.
  • Spectra of the bride phone number in Riyadh: +966114131545.
Women clothing stores in Riyadh
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