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Women Salon in Riyadh

The best women’s salon in Riyadh is that all women and girls are very interested in beauty, fashion and makeup. And many women go to beauty salons and workshops to get a distinctive and attractive look on occasions and others. They also take care of the beauty of their skin, hair and nails, and this increases their self-confidence and makes them more radiant and distinguished. In addition to the comfort and relaxation that you get in these salons. Thus, women’s beauty salons are among the most preferred places for females and women in general.

Whispers of Roses Salon

One of the best women’s workshops in Riyadh and provides integrated services that include bridal preparation, employees have excellent dealings with customers and fast service, and can be booked through WhatsApp to avoid crowding

Address of Whispers of Roses Salon: Sufyan Bin Al-Hakam, Dhahrat Namar, Riyadh

Rose Whispers Salon Number: ‏‪+966537145039‬‏

Website: here

Manahil Salon

Al Manahil Salon is the first choice for all ladies who want to experience the best beauty salon in Riyadh. Al-Manahil Salon is characterized by the multiplicity of its services provided to women and its continuity of hospitality.
What distinguishes it also is that it offers offers and discounts on certain days and times. It provides go home service and also features a private VIP room.

Manahil salon services:
Hair care services, including creatine, protein, botox, meso hair conditioner, shampoo and L’Oreal care,
It also provides a caviar care mask to treat all hair problems such as: hair loss, split ends, and other problems.
Hair cutting service in the latest fashion, as well as cutting hair ends for children.
Modern hairstyles for hair from simple hairstyles to bridal hairstyles and baby filler filling.
Hair dyes using the best brands and hair highlights.
Makeup services including regular makeup, eye makeup with or without eyelashes, and temporary and permanent eyelashes
In addition to dyeing eyelashes as desired by the customer.
In addition to the services provided to the body, including full body hair removal with wax, or sweetness.
Address: Al Sefarat District – Zahr Street – Riyadh.

Faten Women’s Center

One of the finest women’s salons in Riyadh and in Saudi Arabia, as it is interested in providing high quality services to the ladies of high society.

It offers many services, including nail care with pedicure and manicure, skin cleaning, hair cutting and dyeing, and treating problems

Great hairstyles, hairstyles, and makeup services.

In addition to the excellent service and attention to the latest cuts and techniques used in applying makeup, but some women complain about its relatively high prices for all salons because they use good materials and international brands, and the place is very clean and the reception is elegant and nice.

Pamper yourself and show the most beautiful appearance of your hair, skin and nails, with the best women’s salon in Riyadh for you.

Faten Women’s Salon is located in Riyadh _ Al-Shifa District _ Al-Muthanna Bin Haritha Street.

Salon Ladonna

Ladonna Salon offers a lot of services at satisfactory prices compared to service, quality and place as well, and they mainly specialize in the Moroccan bath and eyelash installation, and the staff are nice from the first reception to the employees in the place, and they also have a floor dedicated to the spa, and they offer offers continuously that can be used throughout the year and in national occasions

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Address of La Donna Salon:

Wadi Al Awsat Street, Al Olaya, Riyadh

Ladonna Salon Number


Website: From here

Beauty Center You are the Beauty

This center is also considered one of the best women’s salons in Riyadh because it gives you the opportunity to obtain a distinctive beauty and an unparalleled look.
Where the Beauty Center offers you, you are the beauty, a wide range of services that no female can do without.

Beauty Center services, you are the most beautiful:
It offers professional and distinctive hair dyeing and hair dyeing services using the best brands and at the hands of the best hair dyeing specialists.
Hair problems such as splitting and other problems.
Cutting hair in the latest fashion, as well as distinctive hairstyles that keep pace with fashion.
Blowdry, protein and keratin for long and short hair.
And also makeup of the best types and distinctive brands.
Pedicure and manicure for hands and feet.
Nail installation and painting in beautiful and attractive colors as desired.
Scrub or mechanical exfoliation of the whole body.
Sweetness and cold wax service for the entire body.
Skin cleansing sessions and blackhead removal.
It has the best techniques for lengthening and turning eyelashes, in addition to installing permanent eyelashes.
There are also henna artists.

Address: Musa Bin Naseer Street – Olaya – Riyadh.

Nihal Beauty

Tidy, small and very clean ,, the work is excellent and the employees are very polite ,, the salon owner communicates with you after the first Zasaza for evaluation and hearing your comments ,, the prices are excellent with offers

  • Name : Nihal Beauty Salon for Women
  • Type : Beauty Salon
  • Prices: High
  • Working Hours : 2–10PM
  • Google Map: To access the salon via Google Maps click here
  • Services: (Cutting – Hairstyles – Hair Care – Dyes – Blow Dry – Protein – Skin and Body Care)
  • Address for Nehal Beauty Women’s Workshop: 7649 Sulaymaniyah Street, Al Aqiq, Nihal Beauty Women’s Workshop 3849, Riyadh 13515 7649, Saudi Arabia
  • Nehal Beauty Women’s Operator Number: +966 56 567 3282

Portoa Operator

Portois operator from the list of the best women’s salon in Riyadh, characterized by their prices that suit everyone, and provide many cosmetic services, including hair cuts, modern hairstyles, and dyes of various colors.

In addition to treating hair from split ends and thinning hair, the Portoa workshop deserves appreciation for the cleanliness of the place, the kindness of the workers and the provision of all kinds of additional assistance free of charge.

The Portoa workshop is located in the city of Riyadh _ Al-Murooj District _ Ibn Sina Street.

Manal Operator

An excellent salon specialized in skin and hair treatments, the place is clean, and their decorations are comfortable for the soul, and their service is fast, and from the total of what they offer in the Manal Workshop, the elimination and treatment of hair problems, dyes , makeup, skin care services and almost all services are cheap
Address of Manal Najd Women’s Workshop: Wadi Al Awsat Street, Al Olaya, Riyadh
Manal Najd women’s operator number: +966114161300
Website: Here

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My Kingdom Operator

Malalakati operator is the best salon in Riyadh, as it is an integrated and clean women’s salon in Riyadh that provides the best services and is characterized by clean workers with a decent appearance and a screen of faces and experience.

Its prices are somewhat high as it is a women’s salon in Riyadh specialized in treating brittle and damaged hair, and applying the latest hairstyles and modern cuts.

In addition, they are keen to use high-quality foreign products, clean and care the skin, moisturize and beautify the nails of the hand and foot, so they are the best women’s salon in Riyadh with the consensus of the women who deal with them.

Malalakati Operator is located in the city of Riyadh _ Imam Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Branch Road Al-Izdihar.

Beauty Center German Beauty for Ladies

The German Beauty Center Salon is one of the most distinguished salons, and it is also the best women’s salon in Riyadh.
It offers many services that every woman would like to have.

German Beauty Center services:
Distinctive and professional makeup service, amazing eyeliner drawings, soft and smokey eye makeup, and makeup with eyelashes
or without eyelashes.
Distinctive evening hairstyles for all occasions for long and short hair.
And also long and short hair styles in the latest fashion.
Hair dyes in multiple colors and distinct shades.
Skin care and cleaning sessions, in addition to skin cleansing sessions supported by vitamins
To restore freshness and radiance to the face.
It also provides hair care services such as masks, oil baths and creams for all hair types.
Hair cleaning sessions, collagen treatment and hair botox.
Installing natural hair extensions.
Full row or bead lashes installation.
Full body hair removal with wax.
In addition to providing massage and massage services by the best specialists in this field.
Address: Sulaymaniyah – Riyadh.

Raised head operator

The best women’s salon in Riyadh, is a distinctive beauty salon managed by a professional team that is among the finest women’s salons in Riyadh.

As its prices suit everyone, the workers are excellent and provide their services professionally and technically at work, and they are keen to provide all the requirements of comfort and satisfaction for women.

The operator’s services are hair drying, makeup, hair cutting, body wax, modern and distinctive hairstyles, dyes in elegant colors that suit every woman, skin care and the employees are experts and collaborators to a large extent with their clients.

The raised head operator is located in the city of Riyadh _ Sulaymaniyah District _ Abu Bakr Al-Razi Street

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Lastella Salon

  • Name : Salun Liaistila Liltaziiyn Alnisayiyi
  • Type : Beauty Salon
  • Prices: Reasonable
  • Working Hours : 10AM–10:30PM
  • Google Map: To access the salon via Google Maps click here
  • Salon website: To access the website click here
  • Services: (pedicure – manicure – massage – cream baths – perfumes – skin care – hairstyles – dyes)
  • Estella Women’s Grooming Salon address: Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Road, Sulaymaniyah, Riyadh 12232, Saudi Arabia
  • Lastela Women’s Grooming Salon Number: +966 53 052 2238

Chiffon Ladies Salon

Chiffon Ladies Salon is considered one of the best women’s salons in Riyadh and has achieved wide popularity among Saudi women.
Where he has a professional staff and always strives to provide all that is absolutely best for women.
As for bridal preparations, he is unparalleled, as he makes sure that the bride boasts of her beauty and good looks on her wedding day.
Chiffon Ladies Salon Services:
Bride preparation services, including a simple hairstyle or chignon, distinctive makeup, body waxing, and other services.
It also provides hair cutting and dyeing services and takes care of it from damage and split ends.
Multiple manicure and pedicure services.
It also provides skin cleansing, beautifying and caring sessions with natural materials.
In addition to massage and massage services.

Address: Al-Aflaj-Al-Durayhimiyah District-Riyadh.

The female amygdala operator

Al Lozha Ladies Atelier is very famous for its diverse and distinguished services for ladies, as it provides services for brides in particular.
He takes care of everything related to beauty, hair, face, body and nails, and takes care of their attractive appearance.
He is also known for respecting health safety conditions, such as wearing a mask and gloves while working, and other conditions.
It was also classified as the best women’s salon in Riyadh.

Al Lozha Ladies Salon Services:

Provides hair cutting services and everything related to hair care.
Professional manicure and pedicure services.
In addition to the Moroccan bath service, massage sessions and various types of massage.
Address: Engineer Musaed Al-Anqari Street – Olaya – Riyadh.

Lamia Women’s Art Center

The Lamia Women’s Art Center is one of the most luxurious and best ateliers in Riyadh.
Where this salon has a large, integrated and professional team in all cosmetic fields.
In addition, it offers various offers throughout the year, and this center is keen on the convenience of customers.
It provides women with everything they need to appear as a distinguished and radiant heroine, and it also has several sections.
Services of the Lamia Women’s Art Center:
Hair cutting and styling services.
Nail care and painting services.
Lamia Art Center Departments:
A section for sweetness and wax for all parts of the body.
A section for hair dryers and various hairstyles.
Also a pedicure and manicure section for the feet.
And also a section for eyebrows.

Address: Abdul Rahman Al Dakhil Street – Tuwaiq District – Riyadh.

Women Salon in Riyadh
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