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Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld a water park located on the artificial island of Yas in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the city of Abu Dhabi. 35 km from Abu Dhabi. Its fantastic design is reminiscent of magical castles from Arabic fairy tales, and the concept is based on an original story telling about the adventures of the girl Dana, who goes in search of a legendary pearl to return prosperity to her native village. A huge pearl adorns one of the towers of the water park, and on its territory there are 45 attractions, 6 of which have no analogues in the world.

Yas Waterworld Official Website


ADDRESS OF YAS WATERWORLDUAE, Abu Dhabi, Yas Island. view on the map

Yas Waterworld TELEPHONE: (+971) 600 511 115

MODE OF OPERATION: Sun-Thu: 10:00 to 18:00
Fri-Sat: 10:00 to 19:00

How to get there?

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi located on the artificial island of Yas. It will be more convenient to get there by taxi if you live in Abu Dhabi. From other emirates it is more profitable to purchase an excursion.

from Abu Dhabi by bus number 102 from Abu Dhabi Bus Station or Zayed Sport City; from Abu Dhabi airport by bus number A19; from Yas Island hotels on the free Yas Island shuttle bus.

Coming from Dubai is not difficult, but quite long. The easiest way is to take a bus from Dubai to Abu-Dhabi Bus Station, then change to the 102nd bus to Yas Island.

Yas Waterworld Rides

The Yas Waterworld water park of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi spread over an area of fifteen hectares. There are 40 attractions. Five of them have no analogues in the world. The most popular are: Guided yas waterworld tours

Dawwama a wide funnel-shaped pipe that sucks into a blind tunnel.

Hamlool’s Humps and Jebel Drop are a descent that simulates a free fall from a dizzying height.

Tornado is a hydromagnetic slide for eight pilots, reaching a length of almost 250 m.

Liwa Loop – here you locked in a special capsule, the bottom of which will unexpectedly open, and you will fly down a long funnel.

Falcon Hill a real 300-meter long flight in the water in yas waterworld. And the first such attraction in the world, as well as the longest descent in the Middle East.

The Wave Tamer attraction helps inexperienced surfers learn on a long flat wave.

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In addition, in the yas Waterworld water park you will find two rivers – quiet, lazy and stormy with a full set of dangerous rapids.

Unique attractions

In the yas WaterWorld water park there are two attractions that are not in other water parks, we recommend paying attention to them.

The Pearl Diving Experience

This action lasts one hour, designed more for children in yas waterworld. The visitor taught to hold his breath correctly, dive correctly and look for mollusks at the bottom. Instructors teach how to properly open shells and tell a lot of interesting things about pearls.

The cost of participation in this attraction not included in the ticket price to the yas waterworld park.

Bandit Bomber

A very rare water attraction, in the UAE it is only in the Yas WaterWorld park. This is a water roller coaster, the longest suspended roller coaster with a length of 550 meters.

The speed here not very high, but the high altitude on some sections of the track can frighten. The attraction designed for only 4 people, and the queue for it can be very large. See the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

Near the track there is a special zone Jabha Zone, from where everyone can shoot from a water cannon at those traveling on the Bandit Bomber.

Children below 1.2 meters must be accompanied by an adult. Pregnant women suffering from heart disease or other ailments in which extreme yas waterworld attractions contraindicated not allowed.

Of course, as in any modern water park, there is a wave pool and a chic play sector in which kids can plunge into the extraordinary world of water adventures of the water park in a pirate theme. The idea of the creators of the water park was that children of different ages did not interfere with each other.

Yas Waterworld Wristband

The Yas Waterworld park offers waterproof electronic bracelets that you can charge with money. This way, you don’t have to carry cash with you, just use the electronic waterproof. At the end of the day, any unused credit on your wristband, you can get a refund. You can chose wristband color before purchase

Yas Waterworld Ladies Day

This is a new trend in the water parks of the UAE, such events became fashionable in 2017. The water park chooses one day of the week and in the evening is open only for women.

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At this time, the staff in the water park works only for women and even at the video surveillance consoles sit only female operators.

YAS WaterWorld has developed this idea, and now they are arranging Ladies Day. In 2019, as an experiment, 1 day per month allocated, only women allowed on this day.

Will there continue to be Ladies Day? Will it become a permanent practice? It’s unclear.

Yas Waterworld Tickets

Yas Water World Entry Ticket

Ticket prices (in dirhams) including VAT:

AED 270 for adults, AED 220 for children.

Children under 4 years old stay free of charge. But you need confirmation of the age of the child, take his passport with you.

Yas Waterworld ticket prices depends on the height (not the age) of the visitor. Children’s ticket for children below 1.1 meters. For those above 1.1 meters, you already need a full-fledged ticket. 

In Summer There’s yas waterworld combo tickets that Bronze entry ticket with combo meal and neon night entertainment for AED 175. a. For adults and 149 for children, spend the best time at

Yas Waterworld Annual Pass

The first package the Individual Annual Card that allows you to access one theme park of your choice for a full year, benefit from a 10% discount on shopping, dining and friend tickets, as well as access to events with special tickets and during excluded periods for only AED 50. Its price is 695 dirhams.

The second package The Silver Annual Card that allows you to enter the three theme parks, and benefit from a 15% discount on dining, shopping and entertainment experiences with special tickets. Its price AED 895.

The third package is the Gold Annual Card which offers unlimited access to the three theme parks, along with the possibility to park in preferred parking spaces and receive a special welcome package. You also benefit from a 25% discount on dining experiences, shopping and access to special ticketed events, as well as early access to events hosted by Yas Island. Its price is 995 dirhams.

The fourth and final package is the Diamond Annual Card, which offers the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Golden Annual Pass in addition to taking advantage of the advantage of using the fast track for games in all entertainment cities and valet parking, a voucher to take a friend, as well as a voucher to take souvenir photos for free.

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It also includes complimentary pool access to Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island, a 25% discount at Ciberiani Restaurant, parking in my favorite parking lot at Yas Marina and enjoying a one-time Toptracer experience at Yas Links along with many additional benefits. Of these, only 1,000 tickets are available. Its price AED 2895.

Yas Waterworld Offers

The ticket can be with an exact date (dated) or with an open date of visit (flexible). The flexible ticket is valid for 6 months from the date of payment.

You can save money by buying a ticket for a certain date in advance: 10% – for 3-14 days and 15% – for an earlier period. This can be done on the official website of the water park (choose the Dated option).

There is also a family pass for four people – buying it will also be cheaper.

Yas Waterworld Opening Times

Yas Water world open every day from 10:00 to 18:00, on Friday and Saturday until 19:00. In order to have time to ride on all the attractions, it advised to allocate a whole day. On weekends, there are a lot of visitors and a large queue at the checkout. As in all Muslim countries in the UAE, Friday and Saturday considered days off in yas waterworld.

Restaurants & Shops in Yas Waterworld Park

There are a number of yas waterworld restaurants where you will have a lot of fun with your children, enjoy delicious food, as well as cafes, namely Chapiz Kitchen, Dana Restaurant, Nasser Coffee, Skinny Ice Cream, Salma Snack Shak.

There are also a number of shops such as Sultan & Sons Store, Jawana Village Market, Tawasha Pearls, and Tyre Joana.

Hotels near Yas Waterworld

There are many distinctive hotels within Abu Dhabi, which are located near Yas Waterworld Water Park, and one of the most famous of these hotels that get a high rating by visitors

  1. Yas Island Rotana Abu Dhabi Just a few minutes from yas waterworld park and other island cities, the hotel has 308 spacious and distinctive rooms, and the hotel provides a shuttle service to the entertainment cities, and has all the services and restaurants.
  2. Crowne Plaza Yas Island. It is one of the elegant hotels, and enjoys a large swimming pool, and also includes a fitness gym, a squash court and a sauna, as well as its elegant rooms with all the distinctive services, and minutes away from the famous amusement parks.
  3. Radisson Blu The hotel has tennis courts, a swimming pool and spa, a children’s area, and a number of comfortable hotel rooms, which overlook the magnificent view of the Arabian Gulf, and offers free Wi-Fi, and is close to all the places on yas waterworld.

Yas Waterworld
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