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Best of Yerevan Transportation

Metro in Yerevan

The metro in Armenia has been operating since 1981. Like other Soviet subways. The stations in the Yerevan metro deep buried. The total length of the only metro line is 13.4 km, the number of stations is 10. Metro trains run daily from 06:30 to 23:00.

The Yerevan metro will allow you to quick. And without incident get to the main sights of the city. The bus and train station. Cost of a metro ticket is 100 AMD ($0.2). There are several ways to pay for metro fares in Yerevan. Buying a monthly pass or a special token for one trip. The only drawback of the local metro is the small number of stations. The reduced number of places in the city that can reach by metro.

Buses and minibuses in Yerevan

Minibuses are the main form of public transport in Yerevan. The minibus routes indicated on a sign on the windshield. But if in doubt, you can ask the locals for advice. Minibuses stop at bus stops, but they can catch in other places. The fare is 100 AMD ($0.2). They pay for the fare at the exit from the minibus. Minibuses in the city are old. And up to 2-3 people can sit on one seat at rush hour. In summer, they are stuffy. I advise you to use buses or taxis whenever possible. Route taxis №107 and №108, connecting the center of Yerevan with the airport. May be useful to you.

In addition to an extensive network of minibusses. Buses and trolleybuses operate in Yerevan. The ticket price for them is the same. 100 AMD ($0.2). The journey paid in cash to the driver. It is better to have the amount with you for the calculation. Drivers often do not have change. There is no exact timetable for buses. But they run around every 10-15 minutes. The driver may not stop at all stops. So it is best to warn him in advance of where you want to get off.

Car rental in Yerevan

There are many local and world car rental companies. Operating in Yerevan. Offering car rental services. It is better to rent a car from global distributors. Europe car, Sixt and Hertz. The average cost of renting a car with a mechanic in Armenia. It is $200 per week. Rental requires an IDP, security deposit and credit card. Make sure to buy full insurance.

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Taxi in Yerevan

Taxi in Armenia is a fast and cheap form of transport. It allows you to quick and along the best route to get to your destination. Among taxi cars you can find both old Lada and Mercedes. You can call a taxi by phone, catch it “off the wheels”. Taxi application. The average taxi fare is 600 AMD ($1.25) for the first 5 km and 100 AMD ($0.2) for each subsequent 1 km. When ordering a taxi through the app, the price will be even better.

If you catch a taxi on the street. Make sure the taxi driver turns on the meter. Local taxi drivers neglect meters. And take tourists in circles. So it is better to play it safe. And resort to the services of a trusted carrier.

Best of Yerevan Transportation
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