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Youtube unlimited Zain 25 riyals

Zain KSA launched its latest offers on all prepaid packages, including the Zain 25 SAR unlimited YouTube offer, which enables subscribers to get a full range of text messages and calls inside and outside the network, as well as data services and unlimited use of the YouTube application at a fixed weekly fee.

Unlimited YouTube activation Zain 39 SAR – Week

Let’s start with Zain KSA weekly YouTube package, and this package gives you unlimited internet dedicated to YouTube application only, you will find all the details related to the plan through the following list:

  • Package Name: YouTube Weekly – 7 Days.
  • Package price: 39 SAR excluding VAT.
  • Open data on the YouTube application throughout the subscription period.
  • Activation Code: SMS 501 to 959 to activate the service.
  • Cancellation Code: SMS CA501 to 959 to cancel the service.

The price of the service does not include VAT 15% and to know the final price = 39 * 1.15 = 44.85 SAR, how to activate: Send a text message with an unlimited YouTube activation code Zain to 959 and then wait for the subscription confirmation, activation can be made for postpaid or prepaid customers with the same previous code, use the cancellation code to disable automatic renewal and remove the package from your SIM.

Youtube Unlimited Zain 25 SAR

  • The prices of prepaid internet packages provided by Zain, as Zain KSA for Telecommunications and Internet Services was keen to provide prepaid internet packages.
  • The company provides its subscribers with packages at various speeds according to limited quantities for consumption during a specific and specific period of time for each package.
  • Where the subscriber finds all the packages that suit his needs and requirements.
  • Through today’s article, we will learn about the prices of prepaid packages from Zain and also we will talk in detail about YouTube unlimited Zain 25 riyals.
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Zain YouTube package unlimited for one month

Enjoy watching YouTube application all month long with the unlimited package from Zain KSA, activate it now on your prepaid or postpaid SIM, all the details in the following list:

  • Plan Name: YouTube Monthly.
  • Validity: 4 weeks for prepaid line and one full month for postpaid.
  • Plan price: SAR 99 excluding VAT.
  • You will get internet open for a month on Youtube.
  • Subscription Code: Send activation code 502 to 959.
  • Cancellation Code: Send Code CA502 to 959.

Zain Prepaid Internet Packages Terms and Conditions

  • Through Zain channels, the subscriber or customer can renew his subscription with ease.
  • Data multiplication service is available through Zain KSA website, through an electronic application or through Zain digital channels.
  • In the event that the customer wants to know the date of termination of the package, i.e. to know its validity or to know the remaining balance, the customer sends an SMS with the code BC to 959.
  • To activate the subscription, the user can go to Zain’s website in order to activate the subscription to any of the aforementioned packages and fill in the necessary data form on the site.

The most important prices of Zain prepaid internet packages for 2022

  • It should be noted that the prices of the prepaid packages offered include VAT including the YouTube unlimited package Zain 25 riyals
  • With a price of 175 Saudi riyals, the 10 GB package is valid for use for a period of three months.
  • With a price of up to 168 Saudi riyal 100 GB plan valid for one month.
  • At a price of 450 Saudi riyals, the 300 GB package is valid for use for a period of three months.
  • For a price of SAR 341.25, you will enjoy a specific package valid for a full month.
Youtube unlimited Zain 25 riyals
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