Zabeel Park

Among the numerous high-rises of Dubai, quite unexpectedly you can see equipped green areas for recreation. They, like oases in the desert, allow the inhabitants of the city to hide from the daily heat and noisy bustle, lie on the cool grass, admire the colorful views or have a picnic.

Such a place is Zabeel Park – one of the largest and most beautiful parks in the city. A busy highway divides it into two parts, but the hum of cars is not audible here at all, so nothing disturbs the peace and tranquility. Pedestrian bridges have been built between the divided sections of the park, which allows you to safely move from one part of the park to another.

What to see and do?

The first thing that can surprise every guest is the incredible in their design fountains, made in an avant-garde style. In the heart of the park there is a large lake. Using the rental of a catamaran, you can enjoy a short journey through the water surface.

For children, there are separate playgrounds with slides, swings and carousels that will not let any child get bored. Parents can watch their child and at the same time usefully spend their leisure time in special areas equipped for barbecue. Treadmills throughout the park will be appreciated by fans of sports recreation, a cricket field is also separated for them.

Entertainment complex Starqate will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. The building was erected in the form of a large spaceship and inside it is dominated by the theme of space.
On the top floor there are five huge domes, four of them symbolize the planets of our solar system – Earth, Moon, Mars and Saturn. The fifth dome resembles a UFO ship. Entertainment in each of the domes is presented in such a way that children could not only have fun and play, but also learn something new in the process.

An interesting object for tourists and significant for local residents is the building “New Moon”, built in the shape of a crescent moon. The symbol carries its semantic content as a sign of resurgent power and energy. Inside there are five observatories that determine the basic tenets of Islam: prayer, faith, mercy, pilgrimage, mutual assistance.

Sights of Biel Park

Be sure to visit the panoramic tower with a height of 45 meters. And also to take photos of the unique building “New Moon”, which is often called the symbol of The Beal Park. You can also go inside and learn a lot about the UAE and the religion of this country.

Sunset on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

All visitors to Zabeel Park pay attention to the well-groomed lawns with many beautiful flowers, as well as to a variety of fountains of the most amazing shapes. It is a kind of green oasis in the middle of Dubai with 3,000 palm trees and 7,000 other trees of 14 species. The park is perfect for quiet walks among the numerous plants.

The park also has a small artificial pond on which you can swim on boats or catamarans. They are rented out immediately, the cost is from 40 dirhams (about 800 rubles). Such boat trips are especially popular with couples in love. From the water you can make incredible shots of Dubai at sunset.

Zabeel Park is also suitable for fans of outdoor activities. There are treadmills, the length of which is several kilometers. Also in the park you can play tennis, football, cricket and golf. There are small tracks for roller skating, skateboarding. There is also an ice rink.

On the territory of the park there is also an exhibition hall, a fitness center, there are specially designated places for prayer. You can also visit a kind of exhibition dedicated to modern technologies – here you will be told about alternative energy sources and modern means of communication.

Dubai Frame

On January 1, 2018, a new attraction was opened in Zabeel park, which is already called one of the most famous and popular in Dubai. We are talking about the Dubai Frame (Dubai Frame). This is a giant structure in the form of a gilded photo frame. The height of the building is 150 meters. At the top is a large panoramic platform, which offers incredible views of Dubai.

How to get to Zabeel Park?

The road to the park is easy to find, it is found in the heart of Dubai, next to the skyscrapers of the Emirates Towers. The nearest metro station is Al Jafiliya Metro Station (red line).

Zabeel Park Timing

Daily 8:00-22:00, Thu-Sat until 23:00

TICKET PRICEAED 5 and children under 2 years free of charge


+971 4 398 6888