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‎Zain Data SIM Unlimited Offers 150‎

Zain Data SIM Unlimited SAR 150 per month

within Shabab Prepaid Packages SAR 149 package can be activated monthly to get Unlimited internet and local minutes, package details and benefits with the following list:

  • Unlimited internet on social media applications and YouTube.
  • 30 GB for other websites and apps throughout the month.
  • 3000 local minutes and calls to all networks.
  • Package activation code: s149 sent to 959.
  • Package price: SAR 149 excluding VAT.

Price Does not include VAT, and when the tax is added 15%, the final price = 149*1.15= SAR 171.25, you can activate Zain Unlimited Data SIM 171 via Send s149 to 959, social media applications are: Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – Snapchat – WhatsApp – Tik Tok – YouTube, you will get an open internet on these apps.

Zain Data SIM 3 Months Data 30GB + 30GB Social

  1. The company also offers similar packages to Zain Data SIM open for 3 months 30+30 data bundle which is characterized by the following.
  2. The SIM card allows using data 30 GB internet on all sites 30 GB social free.
  3. SAR 25 is paid for the first time subscription, including prepaid VAT.
  4. In the context of the subject, after the first use, a renewal of 175 riyals is made every 3 months, automatically renewing the available balance.
  5. The plan supports 5G.
  6. The bundle is renewed every 3 months from the date of subscription.
  7. It is worth noting that the free 30 GB is used on Facebook, YouTube and Tik Tok.

Activate Zain Data SIM open for 3 months

Provide The company has unlimited data SIM cards for 3 months that support V-G to offer you High-speed internet, whether in loading or uploading, the following list shows you Full offer details:

  • Package Name: 5G Unlimited Three months.
  • Data and internet open for 3 months 5G.
  • Package price: 999 SAR excluding VAT.
  • The code activates/renews the package is 417 and is sent to 959.
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Data 100 GB + 100 GB Free Social

  • This SIM card is designed for subscribers with a lot of usage because it gives 100 GB for internet usage
  • 100 GB also allows free social usage only to browse YouTube, Facebook and Tik Tok.
  • The use of free social is applicable to Facebook, Tik Tok and YouTube.
  • The package can be used for SAR 85 in 3 months.
  • Prepaid value includes VAT.
  • After the first subscription, the renewal is 299 riyals for using the service for a period of 3 months.
  • In the context of the topic that the use of 100+100 data must be prepaid for the subscription.
  • It is worth noting that the subscription value after the first time does not include VAT, as it is collected upon shipping.

Zain Data SIM Unlimited 150GB + 150GB Free Social

  • It is one of the chips with 3 months packages for the Internet, as it was characterized by many use, price and service provided.
  • The SIM card is purchased for 85 riyals, including VAT.
  • When renewing the data package, an amount of SAR 399 will be deducted from the available balance as it is a prepaid package.
  • The value added tax is not deducted upon renewal because it is collected upon shipping, as the renewal price does not include the value added tax.
  • The plan supports 5G.
  • It allows the user 150 GB to use the Internet on various websites.
  • The package is given to the user 150 GB of free social to be used on social sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Tik Tok.
  • The data bundle is renewed three months after purchase.
  • For more information, contact 959.
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Prepaid Data 300 GB

  • For the distinguished, this chip is designed to allow the use of the Internet on a daily basis without stopping, as it provides 300 GB to the user.
  • The data service is used for SAR 50 to be earned before use.
  • The value includes defenders on the counter-tax value of 15%.
  • This is a prepaid package.
  • The subscription to use the service is renewed after 3 months.
  • These plans allow using 300 GB data for three months with a single subscription equal to 450 deducted from the balance available for renewal.
  • The renewal value does not include VAT as it is collected upon shipping.
  • And for lovers of excellence and get a data and call SIM in one SIM for 3 months.

Zain Flex 319 SIM Plan

It is characterized by combining Internet use and calls at the same time.

  • The chip allows 800 minutes of communication.
  • It also features unlimited use of YouTube.
  • It also provides 100 GB for online use.
  • The chip is purchased for 85 riyals.
  • The renewal is also done for 3 months at 319 riyals.
  • The chip allows prepaid use for 3 months.
‎Zain Data SIM Unlimited Offers 150‎
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