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Zain Mofawtar Package Offers

Zain postpaid system is one of the popular systems that enable you to subscribe to the packages and get minutes and internet that suit your monthly usage, you can choose from the list of Mofawtar packages, there are a variety of options, whether you want to get calls, data or data only, we will review all the packages in order to choose the right package for you.

Zain Postpaid Youth Packages Prices – Shabab postpaid

Shabab Mofawtar new packages give you the latest calls and data offers monthly, choose the appropriate package for you from the following list and then we will explain later how to activate and subscribe:

  • Zain postpaid 59 package: 5 GB internet + 5 GB social + 400 local minutes at a price of 67.85 SAR including VAT.
  • Zain postpaid 99 package: 15 GB Internet + 20 GB Social + 1500 local minutes at a price of 113.85 SAR VAT
  • Zain postpaid 149 package: 30 GB internet + unlimited on social applications + 3000 local minutes at a price of 171.35 SAR VAT
  • Zain postpaid 199 package: 95 GB Internet + unlimited social + unlimited calls to all local networks at a price of 228.85 SAR with VAT.
  • Zain postpaid 299 Plan: 150 GB Internet + Unlimited Social + Unlimited Minutes for Local Calls + Unlimited Roaming Data for GCC Countries at 343.85 SAR VAT included.
  • Zain 399 postpaid package: Unlimited Internet + Unlimited Calls + Unlimited Roaming Data Around the World at a price of 485.85 SAR inclusive of VAT.

How to activate Zain Shabab Postpaid Packages

You can easily subscribe to your favorite Zain Shabab package by following any of the following methods:

  • You can subscribe by logging into Zain’s website from here. Or calling 959 from any Zain line.
  • To call from a number other than Zain via (0590000959).
  • Via Zain App.
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Zain Black Postpaid Packages Offers – zain black

The Black system follows the postpaid packages from Zain KSA, and there are three packages that can be chosen according to the package that suits your needs and monthly consumption, all the details are in the following list:

  • Black 1 Postpaid Package: Unlimited Local Minutes + 175 GB Internet + Two SIMs for SAR 25 (Multi SIM), Price SAR 287.5 VAT included.
  • Black 2 Postpaid Plan: Unlimited Minutes Locally + Unlimited Data + 2GB Roaming + 100 Roaming Minutes for Outgoing Calls + Additional SIM for SAR 50 (Multi SIM), Price SAR 414 inclusive.
  • Black 3 Postpaid Plan: Unlimited Calls Local + Unlimited Data + Unlimited Roaming Data + Unlimited Incoming Roaming Calls + 150 Outgoing Roaming Minutes + 130 International Minutes + Free SIM and another for SAR 25 (Multi SIM), price 632.5 SAR inclusive of VAT.

Conditions for activating Black Zain postpaid packages

Zain Black packages provide a unique user experience according to the following policies:

  • A fair usage policy applies when issuing multiple tranches.
  • 7 GB per day for the main SIM on Zain Black 2 and 3 plans.
  • After exceeding the daily limit, the Internet speed drops to 1 MB.
  • If both SIMs are issued and this service is activated, you can share data with the SIMs.

Multi-SIM with Zain Postpaid

The number and cost of multiple SIMs depends on the plan you have subscribed to, the SIM policy is as follows:

  • Black 1 package: The value of one SIM is SAR 11.50 per month.
  • Black 2 Package: 57.50 per SIM will be charged only once.
  • Black 3 Package: Free SIM card and SAR 28.75 per month.
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Zain Postpaid Packages Offers with Jawwal

You can subscribe to Zain’s special packages with the purchase of a new mobile, as the company provides you with a variety of modern phones from various brands such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and others, and you can get this offer by following the following:

  1. Enter Zain’s official website from here.
  2. Choose the best postpaid plan for you, whether it’s Shabab or Black.
  3. After selecting the plan, click on the Build your package box.
  4. Select the mobile brand, then select the desired model, color, and capacity.
  5. Choose the installment period and the monthly installment value.
  6. You see the details of your down payment and monthly payment in the bottom bar.
  7. You can make adjustments to the plan and mobile type.
  8. Click on the Get this offer from the store button.

It is worth mentioning that the Black 3 package from Zain gives you a great opportunity to be able to get the latest mobile devices that support the fifth generation, with an exclusive discount of 4000 Saudi riyals, and you can pay the rest of the amount in installments up to 24 months.

Latest Zain offers mofawtar net and mobile data

If the above plans are insufficient for your internet usage, you can subscribe to the following Zain Internet packages:

  • Postpaid 50 GB net package is priced at 113.85 riyals, and supports 5G networks.
  • Postpaid 100 GB net package at a price of 184 riyals, which supports the fifth generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of frequently asked questions about Zain’s various offers, which we offer below:

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How is Zain Shahr activation number?

You can activate Zainshahr service by sending an SMS with the code BC to 959.

How much is an iPhone installment from Zain?

iPhone 12 Pro Max installment with Shabab 399 package is 458.85 SAR including VAT.

How do I know if I deserve a Zain mobile?

Obtain and activate a Zain SIM card, subscribe to a package that offers the possibility of installments, and have your credit card prepaid to approve the installment request from Zain.

Zain Mofawtar Package Offers
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