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‎Zain Prepaid Packages Offers

Zain Prepaid Packages – Shabab Calls & Internet

Let’s start with Zain Youth Prepaid Packages, which are the most popular packages that provide you with local calls and data on social media applications or other websites, the following list shows you the monthly prices and features for each plan:

  • Zain 59 Prepaid Package: 5GB Internet + 5GB Social + 400 Local Minutes for all networks for 68 SAR, activation code: s59.
  • Zain 99 Prepaid Plan: 15 GB Internet + 25 GB Social + 1,500 Local Minutes to All Networks at SAR 114 per month, activation code: s99.
  • Shabab 149 Prepaid Package: 30 GB Internet + Unlimited Data on Social Apps + 3,000 Local Minutes for SAR 171.5 per month, subscription code: s149.
  • Zain 179 Prepaid Package: 50 GB Data + Unlimited Social Media Apps + Unlimited Calls to All Local Networks, Price 206 SAR/Month, Subscription Code: S179.
  • Zain Shabab 199 Prepaid Package: 95 GB + Unlimited Net on Social Apps + Unlimited Minutes for Local Calls and Price 229 SAR, Subscription Code: S199.

Shabab Prepaid Line

The social media applications in the prepaid packages: Twitter – Instagram – Snapchat – Facebook – WhatsApp – YouTube – Tik Tok, the data consumption on these applications calculated from the social networking Internet in the plan that you subscribed to, and when activating the 149 package or higher, you will get unlimited data on these applications, all packages are valid for four weeks.

The package activated by sending the activation code of the plan you want to subscribe to 959, as an example, we will explain how to activate the Zain Youth 99 prepaid package: Send the activation code s99 in a text message to 959, open the Messages application, then create a new message, and in the recipient field, put the number 959, and in the content of the message, type the subscription code s99, then send and wait for the operation to be confirmed successfully.

The prices of Zain prepaid packages include VAT and 15% of the package price, for example 99 SAR plan with tax = 99 * 1.15 = 113.85 SAR and the tax value collected when charging and subscribing, for more information about the Shabab system, visit the following page on the company’s official website: Shabab Prepaid Line.

Automatic renewal

Once you subscribe to one of the previous packages, the automatic renewal feature will activate, meaning that the package will be automatically renewed on the same date, provided that sufficient balance available, you can cancel the automatic renewal by sending CA149 to 959, if this code does not work for you, replace the number 149 with the active package category, for example: To cancel the automatic renewal in the 99 package, send CA99 to 959 and so on.

You can deactivate Zain Shabab prepaid package at any time by sending an SMS with CS149 to 959 and then wait for confirmation of cancellation and disable the package, if the previous cancellation code does not work for you, replace the number 149 with the category of the active package online, for example: To cancel the 199 package, I will send CS199 to 959 and so on.

Zain Flex Prepaid Packages Offers – Calls Net

Now let’s move on to Zain prepaid flex packages that provide you with data and minutes for local/international calls, choose the package that suits your consumption from the following list that shows you all plans and prices:

  • Zain Flex 19: 30 minutes calls + 2 GB Social + 1 GB data at a price of approximately 22 riyals and validity one week, activation code 100.
  • Zain Flex 29: 50 minutes + 1 GB internet social + 1 GB data for 33.5 SAR and validity 4 weeks, activation code 101.
  • Zain Flex 99: 250 minutes for calls + unlimited internet on social applications + 20 GB data, price 114 SAR and validity 4 weeks, subscription code 102.
  • Zain Flex 319: 800 minutes for calls + unlimited internet on social applications + 100 GB data for other applications and websites for 367 SAR and validity for 3 months, subscription code: 103.
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Zain Flex minutes can use locally or internationally , social communication applications are: YouTube – Facebook – Skype.

Activate Zain Flex

How to activate Zain Flex Prepaid Package: Send the activation code/activation code for the plan you want to subscribe to 959 and then wait for the confirmation message to subscribe to the package, you can follow up on the benefits and the remaining balance by sending BC to 959 to receive your consumption details and the benefits until the renewal date, all prices shown above include 15% VAT.

When using the minutes in international calls, you can find out the price of the international minute for each country by visiting the official website from the following link: Zain KSA, at the bottom of the page, click on the rates of international calls, then choose the country to show you the country code or the dial key, as well as the international charging unit.

Prices of Zain KSA Prepaid Visitor Packages

The company provides a set of packages called visitor packages and they affiliated with the prepaid line system, review the following list so that you can choose the package that suits your consumption of data and calls:

  • Visitors 30 Package: 50 Flex Minutes + 1 GB on Social Apps + 3 GB Internet for two weeks at a price of 34.5 SAR with tax, subscription code 3030.
  • Visitors 50 package: 15 GB internet for two weeks at a price of 57.5 SAR with tax and activation code 5050.
  • Visitors 70 Package: 150 Flex Minutes + 5 GB on Social Applications + 10 GB for 4 weeks at a price of 80.5 SAR including VAT, activation code 7070.
  • Visitors 130 Package: 350 flex minutes + unlimited internet on social media + 25 GB internet for 4 weeks and its price is 149.5 SAR with tax, subscription code 1300.

Flex minutes

Flex minutes used for local calls within the Kingdom or international to the following countries: , prices include 15% VAT, social media applications are: Facebook – WhatsApp – Snapchat and these applications have a dedicated Internet capacity called the Internet of Social or Communication, as for the rest of the sites and applications, their consumption calculated from the Internet capacity that you get.

How to subscribe to Zain Prepaid Packages for Visitors: Send the activation code of the package you want to subscribe to in an SMS to 959 and then wait for the activation confirmation successfully, you can follow your consumption and the remaining benefits by sending BC in an SMS to 959 and you will receive comprehensive reports on consumption so far and the remaining until the renewal date.

You can unsubscribe from the Visitors package by sending the CA package code to 959, for example, if I want to cancel the zain package of 70 visitors, I will send CA7070 to 959, and 7070 the code of the 70 package, so make sure that the code written correctly and the previous list contains the package codes, for more information visit the official website by clicking on the link: zain prepaid.

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Zain Prepaid Packages Offers Internet Only

If you want to subscribe to a package that gives you data only, Zain prepaid Net offers will be suitable for you, the company provides a variety of plans to suit the needs of all users, choose your package from the following list:

  • 25 GB + 25 GB + Free Social on 5G networks for 114 SAR for a month, to activate send 408 to 959.
  • 30 GB + 30 GB + Free Social for 3 Months for 201.25 SAR, to activate send 409 to 959.
  • 100 GB of internet, validity for one month, at a price of 184 SAR and subscription by sending 411 to 959.
  • 75 GB + 75 GB + Free Social Five G, validity for two months for 229 SAR and to subscribe send 410 to 959.
  • 100 GB + 100 GB + Free Social Five G Validity for 3 months for 344 SAR Subscribe by sending 421 to 959.
  • 150 GB + 150 GB + Free Social Validity 3 months for 459 SAR, for activation send 422 to 959.
  • 300 GB internet, validity of 3 months, at a price of 517.5 riyals, and to activate, send 414 to 959.
  • 5G unlimited for a month its price is 373.75 riyals and you can subscribe by sending 416 to 959.
  • 5G unlimited for 3 months priced at 1,149 riyals and you can subscribe by sending 417 to 959.

Unlimited 5G networks

Zain prepaid packages support unlimited 5G networks, and also all the packages in the previous list support V-G, social media programs are: YouTube – Facebook – Tik Tok, to activate the package, send the subscription code to 959 as we explained above, and you can follow up on the consumption and the rest by sending BC to the same number 959.

Packages that give you free extra capacity, for example: 30 + 30 or 150 + 150, the free capacity consumed on the following applications: YouTube – Facebook – Tik Tok in addition to free social throughout the month.

The prices shown above plus 15% tax and are collected upon shipping.

Additional Prepaid Packages – Zain KSA

During the next paragraphs, we will review the additional packages, which are a group of packages that can be added to the prepaid line, so you can subscribe to calls only packages or calls and internet, and there are other types such as social media packages or YouTube only, review the prices and plans to subscribe to the package that suits you for your need of minutes only or data.

Unlimited Calling & Internet Packages Zain

The following packages can be added to Zain Prepaid Line to get unlimited calls and internet for a period of (month – week – day), choose the duration and price that suits you from the following list:

  • 5G unlimited month: price 349 SR, to subscribe send 415 to 959.
  • 5G unlimited 3 months: price 999 riyals, to subscribe send 417 to 959.
  • 5G لا محدود اسبوع: السعر 85 ريال سعودي ، للاشتراك ارسال 420 إلى 959.
  • باقة يومية لا محدود: السعر 15 ريال سعودي ، للتفعيل إرسال AUL: لرقم 959.
  • Unlimited Data Daily Pack: Price 11 SAR and to subscribe send DUL to 959.
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Zain Prepaid Unlimited 5G Packages provide you with calls and open internet throughout the month or according to the period you activated, all the prices shown above do not include 15% VAT and the tax collected upon shipping, for more about these packages visit the following link: Unlimited Calls & Internet Packages.

Zain Calls Only Prepaid Packages Offers

If you want to subscribe to a call-only bundle that gives you local minutes to all networks within the Kingdom, you can choose between the bundles via the following menu:

  • 500 minutes/month local calling package for SAR 30, subscription by sending L30 to 959.
  • Zain 125 minutes/week call bundle for 13 SAR, subscribe by sending L7 to 959.
  • Daily calling bundle 25 minutes/day for 2.5 SAR, subscription by SMS L1 to 959.

Zain provides unlimited prepaid calling packages within the network only and their price starts from 25 SAR for a month, to learn more about this type of package visit the link: Unlimited call packages within the network, all prices do not include 15% VAT and the VAT collected upon recharge.

Zain Packages Offers Youtube Open Prepaid

YouTube packages can activate on the prepaid line and enjoy open consumption on the application, this offer is available for a month – week – day, for more details see the list:

  • Zain monthly YouTube package: price 99 SAR and subscription by sending 502 to 959.
  • Zain Week YouTube package: priced at 39 SAR and subscription by sending 501 to 959.
  • YouTube package open on: price 9 SAR and subscription by sending 500 to 959.

If you a fan of the YouTube application, these packages will suitable for you, as they provide you with an open net on the application, and they are among the additional prepaid packages so that they added on the line next to your basic package, all the prices above do not include tax and 15% must be added to the price, knowing that this value collected as soon as shipping, for more about these packages visit: YouTube Zain Packages.

Prices of unlimited social packages Zain

Social media application packages give you internet for social media applications only, the social package available for a day – week – month, more details in the list:

  • Zain Shahr Social Package: Its price 60 riyals, subscription code 312.
  • Social Plus Week: price 35 riyals, subscription code 313.
  • Zain Social Media package 7 days: price 20 riyals, subscription code 311.
  • Social Media package for a day: price 5 riyals, subscription code 310.

The social media applications for the social packages are: Facebook – Snapchat – WhatsApp – Twitter – Tik Tok – Instagram, the weekly social networking package Plus added to the YouTube application, the prices of the packages do not include the 15% VAT and for more information visit the official website of the company: Unlimited social media packages.

‎Zain Prepaid Packages Offers
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