Zhivopisniy Bridge

Dimensions: length 1460 meters

Construction start / opening date: 2007

Architect: “NPO Mostovik”

Original name: Zhivopisny Bridge

One of the most beautiful bridges in Russia is Zhivopisny Bridge. In Europe, it is the highest cable-stayed bridge, and in Moscow it is one of 50 outstanding sights. A ball hanging over the arch of the bridge catches the eye from afar.


The picturesque bridge was recently built. The competition was held in the early 2000s. The architects were faced with the task of uniting three shores of Moscow at once. The ideal solution was offered by NPO Mostovik. The mayor of the capital liked it very much. It was he who suggested placing an observation deck at the top of the bridge and opening a restaurant there. After a long and painstaking work in 2007, the bridge was opened.


The parameters of the Zhivopisny Bridge can amaze anyone: one and a half kilometers in length, forty meters in width and 105 meters in height. The length of the main span is more than four hundred meters, so ships are calmly sailing under it.

A similar bridge design is no longer found in the world. The pylon is made in the form of a large arch thrown between the banks of the river. In this case, the bridge crosses it at an acute angle. Noise screens can be seen on both sides of the structure. In the upper part, an ellipsoid is built with an observation deck very similar to a flying saucer. The bridge has eight lanes for traffic: four in each direction.


The observation deck of the Zhivopisny Bridge, located at a height of almost a hundred meters above the water, has become the highlight of the structure. The people called her a flying saucer. A glass ellipsoid hangs under the arch like a huge bead and is the decoration of this amazing structure. The restaurant on the bridge never appeared. According to the official version, the architects were unable to arrange a sewer upstairs. In addition, the structure experiences strong vibration from the wind and movement of machines.

The picturesque bridge looks great at any time of the day. The arches and shrouds only appear to be red. They are actually coral in color. In the sun, the observation deck plays with glare, and in the evening it shimmers in the light of lanterns and is reflected on the smooth surface of the Moskva River. The bridge offers stunning views of the Krylatsky hills and the fabulous forests of Serebryany Bor.


Muscovites have composed many legends about the Zhivopisny Bridge. For example, that this is a top-secret radar installation, so people cannot be gathered on it. Another version is UFO bait.

The youth came up with their own legend: if you climb to the top of an arch or a restaurant with your loved one and after that meet for another year, love will be eternal. However, the girls were reluctant to climb to a height of one hundred meters and even without insurance. Today it is generally prohibited. And for the lovers, they decided to make a registry office on the Zhivopisny bridge, so that they could really get married and not worry about their soulmate.


Zhivopisny bridge is a continuation of Zvenigorodsky prospect, which includes another exceptional object – the three-kilometer Serebryanoborsky tunnel. It consists of two levels: one is intended for the movement of cars, the other is used for subway trains. The tunnel is equipped with the latest technology. There are video surveillance equipment, modern fire extinguishing systems.

How to get there

The scenic bridge deserves to be seen live. To get on it, you need to walk along Marshal Zhukov Avenue. The exact address of the Zhivopisny Bridge is Krasnopresnensky Prospect.

Interesting Facts

  • Once in winter, an ellipsoid weighing about a thousand tons almost collapsed onto the roadway of the bridge, as it began to be covered with snow and froze over with ice.
  • The Zhivopisny Bridge project received a gold medal at the Brussels exhibition of innovative technologies.
  • All parts of the bridge, except for the cables, are manufactured in Russia.