The largest Ferris wheel in Africa will be built in Egypt

Egypt is now one of the few resort destinations, so the country tries to surprise guests as much as possible. So, recently a new attraction for tourists was launched in Hurghada – a boat trip with a transparent bottom, and next year the largest Ferris wheel on the mainland will open in Cairo. The Cairo Eye will become not only […]

Official languages ​​of Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is a country suitable. For any kind of holiday. Tourists expected here and spacious beaches on the Atlantic coast. And the exotic charm of ancient cities. And excellent Maghreb cuisine. Even a ski resort in the Great Atlas Mountains. The official languages ​​in Morocco are Arabic and Tamazight. The most popular […]

Cairo Public Transport

Cairo Metro The Cairo Metro consists of 3 lines: Blue Line 1, Red Line 2, and Green Line 3. The metro entrance marked with a red M on a blue background. To travel, you need a ticket, which purchased at the box office. The fare is 5-10 Egyptian pounds. Depending on the number of stations […]

Diving in Egypt: programs, prices, and sites

Diving in Egypt Not only by the monuments. And worlds of the experienced Egyptian world. But by untouched beaches. The Red Sea in Egypt has a coastline of about 1,000 kilometers. Stretching from Suez to the border with Sudan. Its name Red, adopted by the sea in ancient times. Due to the reddish shadow of […]

Safety in Egypt

Fraud and harassment Overall, Egypt is a safe and travel-friendly country. The Egyptians are generally very friendly. And will try to help out as much as possible if you need help. Tourists often complain about harassment and fraud in Egypt. In most cases, however, these are pretty harmless. Such as trying to lure into a […]

Cities and Regions in Egypt

Regions in Egypt Lower Egypt. Includes the northern plain of the Nile. And the Mediterranean coast; Cairo, Alexandria.Central Egypt. It was part of the Nile Valley separating the historic Upper. And Lower Kingdoms.Upper Egypt is a series of cities with ancient Egyptian temples. Stretching along the Nile from Luxor to Aswan and Lake Nasser.The Western […]

Getting Around Egypt

Egyptian public transport is good. The rail network connects the Nile Valley. The Nile Delta and the Suez Canal area. And it is fair easy to travel elsewhere by bus or shuttle. There are feluccas and cruise ships on the Nile. And in the desert you can test your camel riding skills. For those in […]

Best time to visit Tanzania

Tanzania is a hot African country. With a tropical climate. With humid air on the coast and dry in the heart of the mainland. During the year, the air temperature can vary from +20 ºС to +32 ºС. If we consider holidays in the country in terms of seasonality. Then the high season in Tanzania […]

Best Time to Visit Sharm El Sheikh

Despite the fact that Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the youngest resorts in Egypt. It is popular, because of the wonderful weather conditions. The weather in this part of the country. Influenced not only by the geographic latitude. But by the nearby Sinai Mountains. The latter protect all the beaches of the resort. From strong […]

Best Time to Visit Egypt

Most of the country located in a dry climate zone. So there’s no such thing as a high and low season in Egypt. The weather remains sunny all year round. The best time to spend in the country. Depends on your tolerance to the heat and the influx of tourists. There are only two seasons […]

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