Medical Tourism Companies in India

India is one of the best medical tourism destinations ever, as it prides itself on providing treatment to patients in all specialties at affordable prices, high-quality services and specialized doctors, all this has led to the growth of medical tourism in India tremendously during the past few years, and in this article we will review the most important and best medical tourism companies in India to provide a sufficient amount of information to all those wishing to receive treatment in India. Medical Tourism Companies in India Vaidam Company It is the only medical tourism company that has been […]

Capital of India

What is the Capital of India? Capital of India is New Delhi. Administratively it is a Union Territory, officially called the National Capital Region of Delhi (NCR). Located on the banks of the Yamuna River in northern India , it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Why is it called […]

Indian Cuisine

Traditional Indian cuisine has ancient roots. It was formed under the influence of many peoples, so in different regions the diet is different. The main features of Indian cuisine are the predominance of vegetarian food and the use of a large number of spices. Due to the use of vegetables, legumes, rice, seasonings, it is useful for […]

Public Transport in Goa

Buses to Goa Buses are the cheapest transport in Goa. The Buses run across the state. That only operates according to one known schedule. On average, buses run at regular intervals until 19:00 or 19:30. To stop the bus outside the stop, you just have to wave your hand. Travel across the state costs on […]

Best Time to Visit Valley of Flowers

The best time to visit the Valley of Flowers. From July to August. The climate remains the best for traveling through this beautiful Valley of Flowers. The average rainfall in this area is 1800.2 mm. Valley of Flowers is a magical land in the Himalayas. And located at an altitude of 3250 to 6750 meters […]

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