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Polish Foods

The culinary traditions of European countries distinguished by originality, the presence of their own cooking style, and Polish cuisine no exception. It was formed under the influence of neighboring peoples, while retaining its own culinary recipes, many of which are hundreds of years old. Features of Polish cuisine Polish national dishes are plentiful. Chefs use gifts […]

Krakow public transport

Krakow public transport includes trams, buses. The transport network is ramified, connecting the center and suburbs. A single ticket is valid for all types of transport. krakow public transport tickets fare If you have not prepared for a trip to Krakow, then the current fare can always be found at information stands at stops or on the […]

Public transport in Warsaw

Today public transport in Warsaw represented by 2 metro lines, buses and trams, and suburban trains can also be included in public transport. The abbreviated transport system in Warsaw called ZTM (Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego). If you see this inscription somewhere, then it refers to public transport in Warsaw. Public transport operates around the clock. At night, of course, the traffic less intensive […]

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