Buy real estate In Thailand

Real estate for foreign investment began to be built in Thailand 15-18 years ago. The first steps are noticeably different from modern facilities. Right now, the housing sector is in its prime. Transactions are carried out online, for this it is not even necessary to be in Thailand. And here the question arises: what is more profitable to buy? Invest […]

Demre Myra Kekova

Excursion Demre – Mira – Kekova is one of the most interesting in Turkey. During the trip, travelers will see the intersection of four ancient cultures – Roman, Lycian, Byzantine, Hellenic. The contemplation of the creations of human hands will be accompanied by rocky shores, warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, small authentic Turkish villages, in […]

The Powder Tower

Construction start / opening date: 1475 / end of XIX century (end of construction) Original name: Powder Gate The Powder Tower in Prague or the Powder Gate is an architectural monument of the 15th century, located on Republic Square. Nearby is the Municipal House, which today is the venue for various concerts. The tower connected to it […]

La Romana

The southeastern Dominican resort town of La Romana with its population of 130,000 people. Of course, be considered small, but by the standards of a country occupying part of a small island. This a full-fledged city, by the way, the third largest after Santo Domingo and Santiago, and, by the way, it the central city […]

Luxury hotels in Germany

If you truly value luxury and comfort, then elite hotels with premium class rooms are your choice! We present a selection of the most expensive hotels in Germany, offering wealthy and successful guests accommodation in luxury, presidential and royal rooms and penthouses. Such rooms and suites have a large area, extravagant interiors, rich equipment, which, […]

Top 10 Parks in Berlin

What places are worth seeing in Berlin? The most interesting and visited Parks according to visitors’ reviews. Map, photos and a short description. 1. Tiergarten Große Sternallee, 10785 Berlin, Germany 1 1 Tiergarten is a favorite vacation spot residents and visitors of Berlin. The park covers a huge area of ​​200 hectares with a length […]

Top 10 Sweetest Fruits

Everything in the world deceptive. Losing weight women understand this especially clearly. A tiny, seemingly, piece of cake … But, by the way, the majority of women who losing weight. And especially those who losing weight for years, already know everything about the insidiousness of cakes. But if you from the camp of those who […]

Top 10 Smallest Plants in the World

Scientists have recently discovered that the largest organism on Earth a mushroom fungus in one of the forests of Michigan. However, it possible that someday the title of “largest” will go to the whole ecosystem, even its smallest elements – microbes, and not much superior to the smallest plants in the world. Moreover, there are […]

20 smallest islands where people live

Most of us live in apartments or private houses. Everyone accustomed to the fact that there work, schools, shops and other establishments nearby that are necessary for our civilian life. How about settling on an island? Yes, yes, on a small piece of land half the size of Red Square and located among the water. […]

TOP-12 tallest trees in the world

The flora of our planet is very diverse and rich. It numbers hundreds of thousands of species of living organisms. The most common plants in our world are gymnosperms and angiosperms. Some of the plants are truly stunning in size, both in height and in thickness. Their life span is hundreds of years and one […]

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