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Los Angeles public transportation

LA known as the most motorized city in the world. With one of the most developed motorway systems. And multi-level transport interchanges. Despite this, traffic congestion is a big problem. And every Los Angeles resident, according to statistics. Spends 63 hours a year in traffic jams. At the same time. Los Angeles public transportation About 1.7 million passengers use public transport every day.

Los Angeles public transportation cost

There is a single ticket for metro, buses and minibuses. Tickets can purchase from vending machines. Installed in the metro and on the street. As well as from the bus / minibus driver. You can pay for tickets in cash. And by credit card (in the case of a machine).

Types of tickets and prices

Ticket typeAdult price, $Price for students, seniors, disabled people, $
Single trip1.50.55
One dayfive1.8
A week20
Month7536 – students, 14 – pensioners, disabled

Explanations for the table:

  • Two children under five years old accompanied by an adult can ride for free.
  • Discounts for preferential categories of citizens. Provided with a document.
  • The penalty for travel without a ticket is $250.

TAP card fares:

  • 1- $ 1.75 – the price of one trip by bus or metro with transfers lasting up to 2 hours
  • 2- $ 7 – travel pass for one day
  • 3- $ 25 – travel pass for 7 days
  • 4- $ 100 – travel card for 30 days

Travel on the silver line of the high-speed bus, as well as in some other express trains, paid separately

Tips on how to save on transportation in Los Angeles

  • It makes sense to buy a ticket for one day. If you are planning more than four trips a day.
  • It makes sense to buy a ticket for one week. If more than 13 trips per week plan.
  • It makes sense to buy a ticket for one month. If you are planning more than 50 trips per month.

Los Angeles Buses (Los Angeles public transportation)

Los Angeles’s bus system is great! In total, there are about 200 routes in the city. Along which they travel in all directions. By bus, you can easy leave any area and come to the desired one. If you go through the whole city. You will have to make several changes. One thing to keep in mind is the many buses in L.A. They rarely go and will have to wait for a long time. There are only daytime bus routes. And in the evening no one drives along with them.

One trip in the city’s buses or metro will cost $1.75. There are $7 day passes that save you money on frequent travel. Weekly passes cost $25. The current cost of travel by city buses and the metro is here. To move around the city by public transport. It is convenient to pay with a TAP card.

For long intercity trips from Los Angeles. Greyhound buses used. It can reach, if not all, then many cities in the country. The comfort of these buses depends on their age. Ticket prices are cheaper than driving alone. The only downside is the frequent stops along the way. Greyhound Bus Terminal located in Downtown on East 7 th Street. These are not the most prosperous district. So it’s better to get to the terminal by bus.

Los Angeles Metro ( Los Angeles public transportation )

Los Angeles’s rail network includes the subway. And overground light rail lines with a total length of about 120 km. However, it does not cover all areas of this large city. In total, Los Angeles has 6 metro lines. Red and Purple subway lines. As well as gold, blue, green and blue (called “expo”). Lines of the overground system. Metro trains run at intervals of 5 to 20 minutes. Depending on the time of day and day of the week. All metro stations are open daily from 5 am to midnight. But some sections are open at night. The exact timetable for the Los Angeles metro lines. Can view on the official website:

Metro lines and major Los Angeles attractions

The red line takes you to the famous Hollywood Boulevard. And Universal Studios.

The purple line will take you to Korea Town. Gold – in Little Tokyo, Chinatown. And Pasadena. The blue line will take you to Long Beach. There is an Aviation station on the green one. From where you can get to Los Angeles Airport. Take the Expo Blue Line to visit the famous Santa Monica.

Metro and express bus routes map.

Metro and express bus routes map.

DOWNLOAD Los Angeles public transportation map

Sea transport Los Angeles public transportation

The Los Angeles Seaport located 32 kilometers south of downtown. In San Pedro. The port covers about 30 square kilometers of land. And the coastline is 69 kilometers. The Port of Los Angeles. Connects to the Port of Long Beach. And forms the largest port area in the United States. One of the world’s leading container terminals located here. Passenger shipping companies use the Los Angeles gateway. For example, the port receives over 800 thousand cruise ship passengers per year. There are several bays for small boats and yachts around Los Angeles. The most famous of them are Redondo Bay and Marina del Rey.

Bicycle rent

The city equipped with bike paths. And if there are none, you can free drive along the road. Observing the traffic rules. The cost of renting a bike in Los Angeles. $3.5 for 30 minutes. You can rent a bike and return it back at metro stations. More details can found. On the official Los Angeles public transit system website.

Angels Flight Railway

Funicular Flight of the Angel in Los Angeles is mostly fun for tourists. The funicular located in the Bunker Hill area. And opened in 1901. The funicular connecting the Historic Core. And Bunker Hill “Flight of Angels”. Runs daily from 6:45 am to 10:00 pm. The fare is $1. If you have a pass. The fare is 50 cents.

Taxi in Los Angeles

Taxis in Los Angeles are easy to get at LAX Airport. Union Station or bus terminals, and at the port. In all other cases, it is better to call a taxi by phone. Since it will not be possible to simply stop it on the street. You can ask to call you a taxi at the reception at the hotel. Then you don’t have to worry about where to call. So as not to wait for the car for a long time.

Taxi fares in Los Angeles start. At $2.6 USD per landing. And then the amount calculated by the counter: the tariff $1.80 for each mile traveled. For trips in traffic jams or in the evening and at night. The price of the trip increases. At the end of the trip, you need to pay off the taxi driver. Taxes added to the final amount on the counter. Which displayed on the scoreboard. And then you must pay a tip. You cannot refuse. Tipping calculated as follows. It can range from 15% to 35% of the cost of the trip, of your choice. Payment made with a bank card. And in the end, you gave a check.

Car rental in Los Angeles

With a developed motorway system. Los Angeles public transportation considered a city for motorists. Aside from its famous traffic jams. It is convenient to rent a car upon arrival. At Los Angeles Airport LAX. You can do this at the office of one of the rental companies. Or book a car in advance via the Internet. Prices for renting a car in LA start at about $30 per day. And depend on the class of the car. Rental period. Days of the week. And the fact how much in advance you made the order is also important. On the Rental cars website. You can rent a car in Los Angeles in advance. And inexpensive by comparing prices. From all reliable car rental companies.

Los Angeles public transportation
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