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Best Burgers in Riyadh

A large number of citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ask what is the best burger in Riyadh and what are the restaurants that serve burgers in Riyadh, as there is more than one burger restaurant in Riyadh, some of which contain meat, and the other contains chicken in addition to melted cheese, bread or potatoes burger that is hard to resist if prepared the right way.

Century Burger Restaurant

The price of a burger in this restaurant starts from 24 riyals to reach 35 riyals, and there a menu of burgers dedicated to the diet, including Keto Beef Burger and Keto Chicken Burger at almost the same prices.
The place of the restaurant in Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Road in the Al-Yaa neighborhood of Riyadh and works from eleven in the morning to four in the morning and you can contact on the following number 920033900.

Home Burger Restaurant

Home Burger one of the best restaurants in Riyadh. Tsui Burger, as the latter distinguished by providing a wide variety of very tasty burgers, at the best prices that suit all categories.

  • Address: Hittin, Riyadh.
  • Restaurant address on Google Maps: You can access Home Burger Restaurant via Google Maps here.
  • Phone Number: +966533233272

H Burger Restaurant

Here is a list of the most famous information about the restaurant, as follows:

Name: H Burger Restaurant in Riyadh
Category: Groups/Individuals
Type: Burger Restaurant
Price: Medium
Children: Suitable
Music: None
Working hours: 12:00pm-2:00am
Restaurant Address: Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, Al Andalus, Riyadh
Phone Number: +966552677998

777 Burger

A restaurant similar to a café hat, but the types of burgers it offers are among the most famous and best in Riyadh, and on top of its types is the spicy chicken burger, and the restaurant has three branches in Riyadh that came as follows in the neighborhoods of Al-Masyaf, Cordoba and Al-Malqa.

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It works daily from twelve o’clock in the afternoon to one o’clock and a half in the morning. You can call it on the following number 0114506111.

Burger Boutique Restaurant

This restaurant interested in improving the quality of food to the highest degree, as it delights its customers and makes them feel when eating burgers that it more than just a meal, as it serves them in many sizes and types, and its most prominent types made by organic vegetarian and cooked beef.

Address: Musa Bin Naseer Street, Olaya, Riyadh 12214, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 53 853 3392

California Burger

They have a fresh burger with a price starting from 30 riyals to 55 riyals, depending on the size of the burger.
California Restaurant has two branches Adham in Jeddah and the second in Riyadh and the latter is located in the road of Imam Anas Ibn Malik from the neighborhood of the file and works daily from one in the afternoon to two in the morning and you can call him on the following number 0557707796.

Hamburgini Restaurant

The restaurant has received great attention since 2013 and stood out with its burgers full of creativity as well as its fresh, first-class ingredients, the restaurant bakes and prepares the bread itself inside the restaurant, and offers many great additions to customers.

Black Barn Restaurant

Although the restaurant is small in size, it has great fame in the world of burgers, and the most prominent types of burgers available to it are:
– Crispy Organic Burger.
– Crispy Spicy Burger.
– Buffalo Crispy burger.
– Grilled burger.
– Maple Crispy burger.
The restaurant is located in Al-Mughrizat from Riyadh and works daily from eleven in the morning to two in the morning, while on Friday, it starts working after prayer and you can call it on the following number 0554423252.

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Slider House Restaurant

Slider House one of the best restaurants that serve burgers in Riyadh, as it one of the tastiest restaurants and the most beloved to the hearts of many visitors to the city of Riyadh, despite the size of the meat is somewhat small, but it saturated and delicious at the same time, in addition to that it cheap compared to the rest, which makes it the best burger in Riyadh.

  • Timings: Slider House is open seven days a week from 12:30 pm to 3:00 am.
  • Address: Imam Saud bin Faisal Road, Al-Sahafa, Riyadh City.

Burger Hub Restaurant

The prices of burgers at this restaurant range from 20 riyals to 32 riyals, in addition to the availability of fries and various drinks.
Taste Burger Hub is located in the spring neighborhood of Prince Mohammed bin Salman Road in Riyadh and works daily from one in the afternoon to one in the morning and you can call it on the following number 0114545765.

Marble Restaurant

Marble Restaurant one of the best burger shop in Riyadh and it is one of the tastiest and most wonderful restaurants that you can visit in Riyadh, as it characterized by the right atmosphere for meals, and it also offers burgers in a professional manner of the first class, which makes it the best burger in Riyadh according to the evaluation of many visitors.

  • Timings: The restaurant is open seven days a week from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am, except on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday it is closed.
  • Address: 6182 Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al Awwal Road, um Al Hamam Al Sharqi, Riyadh 12321, Riyadh City.
  • Phone Number: +966114300040.
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Riegel Burger Republic Restaurant

From this taste, you can get a truffle burger at a price of 42 riyals, a Ringle burger at a price of 38 riyals, a New York Riyadh burger at a price of 36 riyals, and a chicken burger at a price of 38 riyals.
It also offers a number of other dishes, desserts and drinks.
Rigel Burger Republic restaurant is located in Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Road from Al-Yasmin neighborhood in Riyadh from Riyadh and operates daily from noon to half past one in the middle of the night and you can call it on the following number 0555923887.

Best Burgers in Riyadh
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