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Best Sports Shops in Riyadh

Riyadh includes a wide range of sportswear stores in Riyadh with international brands to ensure the best models and materials.

Choosing sportswear is one of the most important elements we look for when going to gyms that will affect performance significantly.

We cannot deny the role and importance of sports in our daily lives, whether for women, men or children, as everyone rushes to participate in sports clubs, especially since the people of Riyadh are increasing interest in sports and awareness of its importance day by day.

Sun and sand for sports

The most important chain of stores specialized in selling sportswear in the Middle East, and sells a very large group of the most important and famous brands and distinctive brands in the world of sportswear, including (Puma, Nike and Adidas), all the sportswear you need you can easily find in one place, and it is located on Olaya Street in the capital, Riyadh, and its phone number is 966 11 662 2222

Adidas stores

It is one of the famous and leading German stores in providing sportswear in the world, so you will find everything you need from sportswear, shoes, supplies and accessories.

Adidas trims are characterized by the high quality of their manufacture and the presence of different and distinctive collections that make you follow the latest fashion, with scientific methods in the industry so that the customer feels completely comfortable while wearing their products.

Adidas stores are located on Prince Saud Bin Mohammed Bin Muqrin Road, Cordoba, and can be contacted on 966112143454.

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Al Hilal Sports Club Store

It is one of the most important sportswear stores in Riyadh with famous brands and that all sports products in the store are characterized by good materials and high quality, and the prices in this store are suitable for everyone.

Location: Riyadh _ Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Road _ Salmaniya District.

Phone: +966112161206.

Timings: Saturday to Thursday from 10 am to 11 pm

Friday from 4 pm to 11 pm.

Al Faleh Sports

One of the most famous sportswear shops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it has been established since 1957 AD, and it has a very large number of branches spread in many governorates of the Kingdom in order to provide the best services to the largest possible number of customers, and it includes a very huge group of well-known international brands to satisfy all tastes and ages, Al-Faleh Sports is also located in Olaya Street opposite the real estate in the capital, Riyadh, and its phone number is 966 11 217 3213

Granada Sports

Granada Sports Company was established in 1976 AD, and it is one of the most important commercial companies specialized in selling sports clothes and equipment in the Kingdom, and it has several branches spread throughout the Kingdom, numbering approximately thirty-one branches, and the company sells a large number of distinguished brands in the field of fitness, and the company is located in King Fahd Branch Road, Olaya, and its phone is the phone: 8001246662

Location: Riyadh _ Malaz Street _ Al-Siteen District.

Phone: 0114766697.

Location for the second branch of the Granada store: Riyadh _ Alia _ King Fahd Branch Road.

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Phone: 8001246662.

Badr Sports Shop

It has been ranked as the best sportswear store Riyadh offers a variety of high-quality sportswear with good materials for the largest well-known international brands at reasonable prices for everyone.

Badr Sports Store offers huge discounts and you can pay through Visa and MasterCard or pay as you go, so if you are looking for the best discounted sports stores in Riyadh, you should head to Badr Sports Store.

Location: Riyadh _ Zahra _ Homsani _ Badiuzzaman Al-Hamadhani Street.

Phone: +966555119692.

Timings: Saturday to Thursday from 4 pm to 12 am and Friday is closed.

The Athleness Foot Stores

It is one of the finest sportswear stores in Riyadh that offers a range of comfortable international sportswear with distinctive designs, in addition to various sports supplies such as a massage tummy tuck device.

Therefore, it is on the list of clothing stores that are worth visiting, and it also owns more than one location in Riyadh, including Gallery _ Hayat Mall.

Location: Riyadh _ the intersection of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Street with Olaya Street and King Fahd Road.

Nike Shop

It is one of the famous and high-end American companies working in the field of producing clothes, tools and sports shoes, and its brands are very distinctive and spread on the clothes of the largest international football teams, the company is located on Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Road, Olaya, in the capital, Riyadh, the company’s phone is 966 11 216 2665

Skechers Store

It is one of the finest shops in Riyadh specializing in selling high-quality sports clothes and equipment that suit all tastes of men and women, so it can be considered one of the best sportswear stores in Riyadh.

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Location: Riyadh _ Granada Mall.

Go Sport Store

Go Sport store provides a wide variety of men’s sportswear with many international brands, and distinctive modern models with good materials that the wearer feels completely comfortable, and Go Sport is located in Granada Mall in Riyadh.

Sportswear wholesale market

It includes sportswear at a wholesale price, offering a variety of sportswear and sneakers from all international, Arab and local brands, and is considered one of the most important sportswear stores in Riyadh.

In addition to the presence of all sports equipment and machines for all games, so it is one of the cheap sportswear stores with reduced prices that suit everyone.

Location: Riyadh 12633 _ Work _ Batha.

Sports Shops

One of the best sports centers, where it sells all sports supplies from sports and swimming clothes for adults and children of all sizes and from famous international brands.

In addition to sports equipment such as breathing tubes, floats, floating rings and many other swimming supplies.

Location: Riyadh 12831 _ Malaz _ Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi Road.

Phone: +966114764852.

Best Sports Shops in Riyadh
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