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Wasfaty Ministry of Health Unified Free Number

The Ministry of Health has developed the Wasfaty platform to help citizens obtain a better health service, as the Kingdom launched the national company to purchase the unified for all medical supplies needed by citizens and the necessary medicines.
The Wasfaty platform helps in providing medicine to patients at all times, and this is by registering on the official website of the platform, and the Ministry is also linking hospitals, care centers and pharmacies to provide medicine all the time in all places within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in the following we will learn how to register on the Wasfaty platform and know the contact number for use and Wasfaty later.

Services Wasfaty

  • Wasfaty services are subscribed to from 207 hospitals, 2055 care centers and 3022 pharmacies across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and include 166 governorates.
  • The patient gets the medications prescribed by the doctor on the My Prescription website after going to one of the centers participating in the service.
  • The patient can contact the service center if the message of receipt of the medicine has not been received.
  • The patient can inquire at any time about the date of receipt of the drug with his ID number.
  • The drug can be obtained again in 3 months.
  • If the doctor canceled the prescription or the doctor did not find it, all that should be done is to call the customer service number and tell them about the problem facing the patient.
  • If an error is found in the patient’s registered data, refer to the information center of the hospital that issued the prescription and submit a request to amend the data.
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Login to the Prescription Doctor’s platform

  • The Ministry of Health has developed the Wasfaty application to serve sick citizens who are treated inside hospitals and government health care places, which is contracted between it and NUPCO.
  • This service can be obtained by obtaining care in the centers contracted with NUPCO and dealing with the Wasfaty application, where the doctor registers the patient on the website, diagnoses his condition and writes the medicines he needs to use.

The patient gets the message and includes the date and place of receipt of the medicines prescribed by the doctor, and the doctor is registered on the site through some of the following steps:

  • Register in the electronic link of the application and my recipe:
  • Write the doctor’s name and ID number and what to register the password.
  • Click on the word login.
  • My prescription number is the unified free Ministry of Health
  • The Ministry of Health has set a single number to receive calls from patients to inquire or submit complaints and suggestions, through the following number: 920000932.
  • Connectivity is possible throughout the day, seven days a week.
  • It is also possible to trace with the official website of Wasfaty service through the social networking site Twitter at the following link:

Issuing a prescription on the Wasfaty application

The prescription is registered on the Wasfaty app by following steps:

  • Register the official website of Wasfaty app.
  • Select the doctor’s department, choose to add a new prescription, and write the prescription.
  • Click on the patient field and register the patient’s ID number.
  • You will see the page for the patient’s diagnosis, ID number, residence number, all its data and the diseases he possesses.
  • You can then modify any description or delete a previous description through the site
  • By clicking on a new prescription and issuing a new prescription to the patient that suits the current diagnosis.
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How to cancel prescription from Wasfaty app

  • The doctor is allowed to access the patient’s page through the Wasfaty application and cancel the prescription that the patient does not want to receive.
  • Click on the option to cancel a recipe.
  • Any prescription can be recovered back from the recycle list, by recording the doctor’s name and data.
  • Finally, record the reason for the cancellation and click on Confirm Cancellation.
Wasfaty Ministry of Health Unified Free Number
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