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Jawwy STC SIM offers on calls and internet

Jawwy SIM from stc – a mobile system on Jook that gives you minutes and internet to suit your needs so that you can choose from ready-made offers or customize your package at your convenience, if you are thinking of activating this system and getting a new SIM or replacing the current SIM, you will find all the details related to offers and prices in addition to Purchasing steps and responding to the most prominent inquiries.

The most important Jawwy Net packages

  • The seventy offer provided.
  • Netjoy 150 SIM offer
  • Netjoy 100 SIM offer
  • Netjoy 200 SIM offer
  • Netjoy 60 SIM offer
  • Netjoy 30 SIM offer

Alsabeen Almowafir Offer

The seventy Almowafir offer is one of the most important Jawwy packages, which has many advantages, and through the following, we will learn about the details of this package:

  • Provides you with 300 minutes to local networks.
  • Stc Wi-Fi all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • You get 20 GB for local networks.
  • The subscription fee for the package is 80.50 SAR.
  • Allows chats, voice and video calls to make without any interruption when you activate the subscription.

Netjoy 150 SIM offer

Below we will learn about the benefits of the NetJoy 150 package, which considered one of the best Jawwy packages:

  • Get 50 GB every month with the possibility of renewal.
  • Internet without limits on social media sites, including: Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter without any interruption during voice and video calls.
  • The bundle gives you 3,000 minutes to all local networks every month.
  • The subscription cost for the package is about 172.50 SAR.

Netjoy 100 SIM offer

The customer gets a 100 NetJawwy SIM card through the store, or through the Jawwy app, and then activates the subscription in order to get many benefits, including:

  • 20 GB internet every month.
  • 30 GB unlimited for social media sites.
  • Make an audio and video call without stuttering.
  • Coverage in all Saudi cities.
  • You get 1500 minutes in all the Kingdom’s networks.
  • The cost of the JawwyNet 100 SIM is about 115 SAR.
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Netjoy 200 SIM offer

NetJoy 200 is one of the best internet offers segments that all stc customers prefer to subscribe to. Through the following, we will learn about the most important features of this chip:

  • The chip saves you 97GB every month.
  • Open and unlimited internet usage via Jawwy 200 SIM for all social media sites, including: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Telegram.
  • You can connect to all local mobile networks.
  • The cost of the JawwyNet 200 chip is about 230 Saudi riyals.

Netjoy 60 SIM offer

Below we will learn about the most important features of the NetJoy 60 chip, and the cost of buying the chip:

  • This SIM card provides you with 5GB for all websites.
  • Browse on all social media sites without stopping or cutting.
  • The package design is available on your phone, in addition to sharing it with the rest of the packages and SIMs requested by users.
  • The cost of purchasing the SIM card is 69 SAR.

Netjoy 30 SIM offer

Netjoy 30 SIM offer provided by stc, which has a lot of advantages, we will learn about it through the following:

  • 1 GB for the Internet.
  • An additional 1 GB to browse all social media sites.
  • Design the packages and share them with the rest of the packages in the slides.
  • The purchase fee for NetJoy 30 SIM is SAR 43.50 per month.

Steps to order a new Jawwy STC SIM card

You can buy a new jawwy SIM card through the official website. Click the following link to transferred: Jawwy or Google search. The first step to request the SIM You can buy and request the SIM card through the website and receive it for free within 5 working days, on the website you will find all offers that you can choose between: .

When you choose the offer, for example: the 70 offer, you will find the Type or Type field, choose a regular SIM card or an eSIM card, the conditions for completing the purchase process (you must have a valid national ID or residence), now click Add to cart and you will find the basket icon at the bottom of the sidebar, click on it, then , then create an account and choose your number.

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During the purchase of the SIM card, you must choose your number, knowing that the company provides special numbers at a higher price, which can view via the following link: Jawwy special numbers, all prices shown in front of you include tax, and there are three categories of special numbers: Bronze 2875 riyals – private 690 riyals – economic 343.85 riyals.

If you choose to purchase an eSIM: Type your contact number within the required data upon purchase, after confirming the contact number, you will transfer to the NBK Nafath platform to authenticate your SIM, after verification, your QR code will appear and be ready for download and you will receive a text message with a link to download the QR code at any time, you are now ready for the activation steps that we will explain during the next paragraphs.

How to activate the new stc SIM card

Activate your Jawwy SIM card via the jawwy App mobile app and follow the below steps :

  • After receiving it, open the chip box, you will find the All in One chip, meaning all sizes that suit all mobiles.
  • Choose the appropriate size for the device and install it in the mobile.
  • Once the chip installed, you will receive a welcome message with a link to download the application.
  • After downloading and installing, launch the application via phone data and make sure that the Wi-Fi turned off.
  • As soon as the application opens, select “You have a SIM” and you will receive a message with your new number.
  • Copy the chip number and type it inside the application in the confirmation number field, you will receive a message with the confirmation code.
  • After typing the confirmation code on the application, the Jawwy SIM card successfully activated, and you can now enjoy the offers and services.
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The previous steps are for the regular chip, as for the integrated chip, an Absher account must be available in order to activate the joi esim card, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that your mobile phone that supports the electronic chip has the system updated to the latest version.
  • Make sure you connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Go to Settings, then Cellular, then Add Cellular Plan.
  • Now scan your QR Code, which can download from the message you receive .
  • Finally, name the slide and choose it as the primary or secondary segment.
  • The QR code specific to activating the eSIM card and must maintained and not shared with anyone before activating it on your mobile.

Steps to replace a regular Jawwy SIM or eSIM

When the Jawwy SIM lost or damaged, it can be replaced at any time by purchasing the SIM replacement service at a price of 28.75 riyals, including VAT, and you can also replace the regular SIM with an eSIM and all your packages and balance available on the new SIM, the service link on the store and the official website: Jawwy SIM replacement.

Jawwy STC SIM offers on calls and internet
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