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Recharge Sawa

 How to recharge Sawa card and recharge stc balance with an explanation of other ways to recharge Sawa via bank cards or applications.

All ways to Charge Sawa and Recharge

Do you want to charge a number together? Here are multiple channels that make the recharge process as easy as possible via cards, apps, locations etc. , see the following list:

  • mystc website
  • mystc App
  • stc Self Service Machines
  • Sawa recharge cards or e-vouchers
  • Shipping from another postpaid or prepaid number.
  • Recharge request from another number
  • Websites/applications of banks or ATMs.
  • Recharge by stc pay
  • Amazon website or application.

How to recharge Sawa card and recharge the balance

We will start with Sawa Recharge Cards and Vouchers, the following list shows you how to recharge Sawa Voucher/Card:

  • The card or voucher can be recharged in more than one way, including: 1- Using the recharge code, 2- Text messages.
  • Sawa Card Recharge Code: #number Recharge Card *155* .
  • Open the calling program on your mobile phone and then type the charging number shown above making sure that the card number is written correctly, then press Call to charge the card successfully.
  • Second method: Send an SMS to 900 containing: Recharge card/voucher number (space) 155.
  • The third method: Call 1500 and from the options choose Recharge and then enter the recharge card code.
  • Fourth method: Enter the next page (Sawa recharge card), enter the mobile number, then the recharge code of the card, then the visible code that appears in front of you and press Recharge balance.

Prices of recharge cards that can be purchased:

  • Sawa 20 recharge card: gives you a balance of 17.39, price of 20 riyals.
  • Sawa 25 Recharge Card: gives you 25 credit at a price of 28.5 riyals.
  • Sawa 30 Recharge Card: gives you 30 credit for 34.5 riyals.
  • Sawa 50 Recharge Card: Get 50 SAR credit at 57.5.
  • Sawa 100 Recharge Card: Get 100 SAR credit at 115.
  • Sawa 200 recharge card: 200 riyals credit and its price is 230.
  • Sawa 300 recharge card: 300 SAR credit and price 345.
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All prices shown above are inclusive of 15% VAT, credit validity is 90 days from the date of recharge, the validity of is extended every time you perform a non-free activity such as making a call/sending a message/subscribing to bundles etc. The validity is 90 days for the balance and 360 days for the SIM from the date of the last action you made.

In the event that the balance is not used or any procedure is performed for a period exceeding 90 days , the balance will be deleted, and if the period extends to 360 days , the service will be completely stopped and the SIM card will be disabled, you can exhaust the balance completely or transfer it to another number if you want to cancel the SIM card or transfer it to another operator within the Kingdom.

If you want to recharge Net Sawa, you can use QuickNet recharge cards available for stc prepaid chip customers and can be purchased from sales offices or authorized distributors, this card gives you internet in different capacities according to the category of the card you purchased, to view the cards and internet capacity visit the link: QuickNet cards.

How to recharge Sawa from mystc website or application

You can recharge stc balance using the mobile application or the website of customers, we will start with the steps to recharge from the My stc application:

  • Go to mystc application, then type your username and password.
  • If you have more than one number, choose the mobile number you want to recharge on .
  • Press Recharge and choose the method that suits you from the following methods:
    • mada card or credit cards: Enter the details of the card you wish to use to recharge the balance and click on Pay .
    • Recharge Cards: Enter the code to recharge your Sawa card and complete the process.
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The mystc mobile application can be downloaded on all devices, whether running Android or iPhone, when you have more than one number and link them to the application, make sure to choose the number from the top of the page before completing the recharge process until you make sure that the balance has been recharged correctly on the number you want so that the process cannot be reversed or the balance can then be transferred from one number to another.

Sawa can be recharged through mystc if you do not own the application, follow these steps:

  • First, log in to the MySTC website via the link: mystc
  • Enter your username and password to access your account
  • Choose the number you want to recharge from the Select Account menu
  • Click on recharge and then choose the amount and can recharge in the following ways:
    • mada cards/bank cards.
    • Recharge cards.
  • The amount of Sawa recharge can be paid using credit cards (Visa – MasterCard – Mada – American Express), once you complete the attic, you will find the balance appeared in the SIM and can be used to activate the packages or use the SIM according to the prepaid Jawwal tariff.

How to recharge through MYSTC App

  • STC offers its customers who have smartphones to download the MYSTC app to help them charge the card faster.
  • This application can be downloaded from this link. …
  • One of the steps to increase the balance through the MYSTC application is to open the application by the user and then type his name and password in the data list.
  • After that, the user writes the required recharge number for the Sawa card, then clicks on the recharge icon, and then records all the information related to the recharge method, thus confirming the recharge process.
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How to recharge Sawa through your bank account or ATM

stc balance can be recharged using bank websites – bank applications – ATMs – phone banking, let’s start with explaining how to recharge sawa through banks’ websites/apps:

  • Visit your bank’s website and log in to your account.
  • Choose Payments or Pay Bills, after which the listed services appear below your national ID number.
  • Choose to recharge the Sawa number or enter the subscription number for sawa service and activate it in your bank account.
  • Select the payment method that suits you to complete the process.
  • How to recharge Sawa through the bank application (Al Rajhi / Al Ahli / Riyadh etc..):
  • Download the app and log in to your bank account.
  • Select Pay Services and then Recharge Mobile: Enter your mobile number and national ID number.
  • Select the payment method that works best for you to complete the process successfully.

How to recharge Sawa through stc Pay app

You can recharge stc by using stc pay service, follow these instructions:

  • Download the app from the App Store, then create a new account.
  • Log in using your mobile number and passcode.
  • In the bottom menu, select stc store.
  • Press recharge Sawa balance then enter the mobile number to be recharged.
  • Choose the balance amount and the payment will be via e-wallet.
Recharge Sawa
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